Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jersey Shore ... Back into the Fold

The season finale starts off with the group taking a trip to the everglades and getting up close and personal with “alligators or crocodiles or whatever you call them” says Pauly D. I think they are alligators. They end up at some restaurants that serves friend frog and other disgusting things. I’m with the Jersey Shore gang because this crap is gross. The frog looks like a frog. Even Mike gets sick … literally.

On the final night, Pauly D and Vinny take Rocio and Ramona (separately) on final dates. Vinny says his best memories are of Ramona. Pauly D wants to “give Rocio a shot” … I guess to be his girlfriend. He doesn’t even want to smash  her. He wants to get to know her first. She’s one lucky girl because she’s escaping national embarrassment, disease and who knows what else. On this night and on their date, Sammi and Ronnie are fighting. I don’t know why and I don’t care.

Pauly D and Vinny aren’t missing their girls too much, because the gang is out to party later that night. Vinny picks up two “hos,” but then he decides to “say no to hos.” Mike … not so much. He steps right in. These girls are the worst and are happy to go to the bathroom with Mike.

The rest of the show centers on the gang cleaning up the house and getting ready to move out … and fighting with each other. They keep telling on each other. Mike tells Sammi that Snooki thinks she should help out more. Snooki tells Jenni that Mike, Pauly D and Vinny think she is fake (a big fat lie by the way).


Really, I’ve had enough. I’m glad the season is over. Hopefully, I will be ready again next year.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sister Wives Finale

For some reason, TLC puts new episodes of "Sister Wives" back to back each Sunday. For the finale, it was no different. Episodes were "A Fourth Wife To Be" and "Four Wives and Counting."  TLC has not said whether this show will be back, and although I loved watching this train wreck, I'm not sure where the show could go from here ... unless Kody gets bored again and is looking for Nos. 5 and 6. That would be interesting to see if he could find more women to join up now that he is a minor celebrity. For this blog, I'm combining both shows.

In these episodes, jealousy is rampant. Kody is spending one out of every four nights with the wife to be, Robyn, and the wives don't think that is fair since she is not a wife yet. Robyn disagrees of course.

They are in the throes of wedding planning. By "they" I mean the whole crazy bunch of them. They go to the cake testing, and by secret ballot, vote on their favorite. How sweet is it when Kody and Robyn have the same choice? Meri doesn't think so.

They find a place for the reception, and make jokes about people having "no idea how much we share." Seriously. Gross.

Then there is the dress shopping. Robyn has the group dressed in brown, and they pick their dresses. She tries on numerous wedding dresses, and then tells the girls she wants to keep her choice "a secret." But oh no, Kody drops a bomb on the group. He actually picked out the dress! The whole "dress shopping experience" was an elaborate charade! Christine is having none of it. She points out that he didn't care what she wore at their wedding.  Janelle feels betrayed. I think Meri is just speechless.

The wives have pointed out before the differences in their situations and marriages to Kody compared to Robyn's experiences. Wake up Wives, I think he likes her the best!

The day of the wedding, Kody says "I feel 12." Well, no one would disagree that he acts it. While Robyn is getting ready at home, the rest of the wives and daughters get their hair and nails done at the salon.

First Wife Meri, sadly, is helping Kody get ready for his wedding (a private affair with no cameras allowed). She says she wishes  it was her wedding night. Don't worry, Meri, you'll get your chance in about four days!

They take a family photo, dance at the reception (Kody shares his time), and then ... at the end of the night ... Kody says goodbye to each wife before heading off on his honeymoon.

They end the show saying the wedding was beautiful, that they are each other's best friends, blah blah blah.

Just my opinion:

Kody is not in love. Kody may be in lust. If he loved even one of his wives, he would be devoted to her and only her. Polygamy may make sense if you want an extra babysitter or you are just bored ... it doesn't go with being in love. It just doesn't. I don't envy or hate these women. They seem OK, but they do not understand how a real relationship would work. They haven't seen it modeled, and they haven't been involved in one. How sad for them not to be the best friend and true love to their "husband." I just feel sorry for them.

Next Up ... Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore … Déjà vu All Over Again

Jersey Shore ...

After the “disagreement” at the club Tantra, everybody heads home. And Vinny is with Ramona who is the girl that “everyone wants, “ but she is not DTF. She seems DTF to me. Anyway …

Mike and Snooki had a disagreement at the club about when it was time to leave, so the next day Mike apologizes. “Baby, I’m sorry ..”Again, do women really buy his crap?

After Snooki’s friend leaves, to cheer her up, Jenni says they are going to Space … a new club. At Space, Snooki expects to find her man … “a guido juicehead gorilla sexy tan and sweaty.” Whatever happened to funny, intelligent, tall, good job (or just a job would be nice), interesting personality and good looking? What is wrong with these girls?

They get dressed to go out.

I almost couldn’t look at Jenni’s outfit. It was too much of not enough. Pasties, tiny skirt … she looked like a hooker. Even Snooki thought so.

Within an  hour of being at Space, Mike and Snooki get into a fight with other “clubbers” and get kicked out. Pauly D tries to do himself and Mike a favor and “grabs two chicks.” The girls go home with them, get into bed with the guys … and the girl with Mike wakes up and realizes what she has gotten herself into, and wants to leave. Smart girl. Her friend follows suit.

Pauly D is mad because Mike is not a good wingman. According to Pauly D, Mike should have left the room, entertained the smart girl and let him do his business. Mike doesn’t want to and doesn’t. Mike’s girl tells him that “he should have gotten easier girls.”

Pauly D is still mad because Mike should have “taken one for the team.” Sometimes, according to Pauly D, you have to “entertain the grenade or decipher (he meant diffuse) the bomb if one comes. It’s a war out there.”

Later, Mike’s telling the story to Vinny and, suddenly, the girl is a grenade and HE put a stop to it. The truth is the girl was cute, she wasn’t having any of it and Mike’s a liar.

Pauly D wants to  pick up random girls every night, but then spends time at the beach with Rocio while Vinny is with Ramona. Poor Rocio ... she should find someone who deserves her as she seems like a nice girl. Ronnie and Sammi join them, and Sammi enjoys everyone being “all wifed up.

That night, Mike cooks dinner and sets off the fire alarms. The firemen show up and Jenni calls them “Prime A meat of men.” Say what? Snooki tells us that she would have “smooshed” them. Classy.

That evening, Ronnie makes the mistake of telling Sammi she looks “Asian” and he “likes it.” Problem: His ex-girlfriend was Asian. Ronnie tells Sammi to brush it off, but as with anything he says, she can’t. Fight on.

The next night or so, back at Tantra, Pauly D and Mike find some “DTF” girls and “pull the trigger.” They head home. Problem was they didn’t get to know these girls AT ALL (which is not a surprise of course). They are sisters, and one is engaged. The girls take no time telling the guys they are staying five minutes and  heading home. Quickly, the guys kick them out.

I was SO BORED with this episode, and blogging about it is painful. The more I watch this show, the more I wonder if these people will ever really contribute to society. I am entertained sometimes. I am annoyed all the time. 

Next up ... season finale of Sister Wives.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Teen Moms ... See You Later

It's the final episode this season. All in all, I've learned to like Farrah, Catelynn and Tyler, despise Amber and understand Maci a little better. I never watched this show before this year, and teen moms are not funny. It's a difficult situation and these girls, with the exception of Amber, are doing the best they can.

Catelynn & Tyler

They are off to meet Carly. They seem OK and happy that Carly has great parents. They take pictures and eventually give Carly a scrapbook. They also give Carly a "recordable book" where Catelynn and Tyler have recorded their voices reading to Carly. It brings tears. And, it was very sweet.

What was sad about this whole thing is not the visit, but the way it causes Catelynn and Tyler to reflect on their own parents. They are happy that Carly has parents that take good care of her, love her and take her to the park. Tyler says, "Carly will never have to worry about who will take her to the park. I wish I had a dad that would have taken me to the park."

Carly takes to them fairly quickly which is interesting. She must sense something.

(By the way, April calls to check on Catelynn and Tyler after their visit. I score it as a victory because she didn't cuss or call Catelynn a dirty name.)

Carly is lucky to have such smart birth parents who wanted something better for her. Catelynn and Tyler did the right thing.


Maci and Ryan meet with a mediator to determine visitation for Bentley. Ryan, fairly, wants five days a week to Maci's nine days. Just one more day than he has now ... even the mediator thinks that is fair. Maci agrees, but she is crying the whole time. I will give her credit; she loves and cares for Bentley and sometimes that means doing the right thing for him. He does need time with his dad.

Both Maci and Ryan are now single. Ryan makes an odd comment ... "Do you think we should be together for Bentley?" She says no, and he agrees.

Later Maci comments, "Now that we are both single ... Who knows?"


Farrah has a date. His name is Julian, and I think he's her hair stylist. She mentions her baby and then wonders if she will ever hear from him again.

Already, after just a few days in the rental house owned by her parents, Farrah is unhappy. Her mom gave her a rental agreement and some paperwork requiring a background check and a few other things. She also wants Farrah to pay half a month's rent since she moved in early.

Farrah doesn't get it, but as a mom, I get it. She's trying to teach Farrah about the real world. Farrah wanted her mom to give her a break and help her out financially. Farrah is telling all of this to her friend when ... taaa daa  ...  Julian calls. I guess Sophia didn't scare him off.

Then, Farrah goes to visit with her mom about the rental agreement. She complains to her mom, and her mom tells her she is treating her the same way she would treat any applicant. Farrah asks for a break in the rent, and mom caves.

Farrah tries to explain to her mom that she is still grieving, under stress and still sad. She starts crying.

Her mom tears up and tells her that someday someone will love her and cherish  her. She tells Farrah that she can't change the past so she has to focus on the future.

Farrah then wants a hug. I loved this.

Amber (or she-devil)

Amber's at home, and SHOCK, in bed while her new work-release boyfriend Chris is cleaning house. Gary calls, from his mom's house where he and Leah are staying, and tells Leah they need to work out custody arrangements. He also asks Amber why Leah's not wearing clean clothes and why her legs are all scratched up. Amber blows up. During this call, Chris gets on the phone with Gary which makes no sense at all to me ... or Gary.

Gary hangs up, and Amber gets in her car and is off to find Gary. They play "chase" then she goes home. Chris, the felon, tries to soothe Amber telling her she's "better than that" and that she's "a good mother."

Gary tells a friend about the incident and the friend wonders how Gary feels now. Gary says he misses who Amber was, not who she is now. "I'm not going back to her," says Gary, "now I'm thinking about my daughter first."

Gary finally agrees to come over and discuss Leah. He tells Amber that Chris must leave. Chris leaves.

They get in a fight, of course, and Gary leaves then comes back and apologizes. Not sure why he is apologizing. But, we find out two things here, Chris has moved in with Amber. And Gary doesn't want Chris changing Leah's diapers. Fair enough. But not to psycho Amber.

When Gary returns and apologizes, Leah tells her mom to be "quiet." Now, we know who has the brains in this family.  Gary hugs Amber and even Leah can't believe it.

So, if there is a next season ... the questions are?

Does Maci go back to Ryan or Kyle?
Is Amber allowed any visitation at all with Leah?
Do Catelynn and Tyler finish high school?
How does Farrah learn to move past her grief and get on with her life?

Next up ... Jersey Shore!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sister Wives ... First Wife's 20th Anniversary

It's all so surreal in Kody's world. He's celebrating an anniversary. He just had a baby. He is about to get married. I don't even know what to say or write.

The first three wives decide to buy the soon-to-be-fourth "sister wife" a ring from them to welcome her to the family. The ladies tell the jeweler it is "just because." It's just easier to be vague. The wives wonder, "Why do people care?" and "Why does it matter?"

Well, you guys are the ones with the TV show so you tell me? My guess is nobody really cares, and it doesn't matter if the three, I mean four, of you want to share your husband. We all just don't understand you, and people like to watch "strange" or "different."

Mariah, the daughter of Meri and Kody, wants to be a part of the U.S. Naval Academy. They support her dreams, but it means that she must stay in public school. The private, polygamous school that most of the children attend is not accredited. Surprise. Surprise. The marriages are not real. The school is not real.

Kody and Meri go to Mexico for their anniversary. She has feelings of jealous and she wants him to understand and acknowledge those feelings. I got news for your Meri ... he doesn't get it. He may declare love for you, and say he gets it. If he really loved you, he wouldn't want to hurt you or upset you. Really, he wouldn't.

Meri asks him a very fair question and wonders how he Kody would like it if she was with another man. Kody can't comprehend it. It's vulgar and obscene and goes against God. Really Kody? Really?

Kody said he understands that heartbreak will happen. Just can't stop it. Yes, he can stop it. And, no, he doesn't care. And yes, he is selfish. He gets what he wants.

Watch out girls ... there will be more wives. There are a lot of desperate women out there.

Next Up Jersey Shore, Teen Mom and more Sister Wives.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sister Wives ... A Wife In Labor

Kody and Christine go to the doctor for a checkup and end up getting ready to have a baby ... the 13th baby on the 13th of the month. They talk about the anniversary coming up (his and Meri's) and the wedding coming up (his and Robyn's). It's all so exciting! Kody's fifth wife should be a secretary, so she can keep his schedule straight.

While Christine is in labor, Robyn's watching all the kids. It's chaos. Does she really want this? Although most of the plural marriages opt for home birth, this time Christine is in the hospital because she had a miscarriage previously. She's getting an epidural.

While Christine is waiting patiently to have their baby, Kody heads home to pick up a suitcase and her stuff. Her water breaks, so she wants him to come quickly. He kisses Robyn goodbye while his wife is in labor. Fun times. Oh, and back at the hospital, time to have a baby. Their oldest daughter, Aspyn, is watching. So is the rest of America.

Aspyn says the birth was "so cool" while Christine says it was "so easy" and I think it is all "so insane."

Next up, Sister Wives again.

Jersey Shore … Girls Like That

Angelina’s gone along with the “bad aura,” according to Pauly D. They move her bed out, and practically don’t mention her again. It’s like she was never there. They decide to celebrate with a meal that includes lobster. The lobsters were somewhat alive when they bring them home, and Snooki decides to save one … she names him Charlie. Poor Charlie still ends up in the cooking pot.

For some reason, Snooki decides to apologize to Sammi for the note. I don’t get why now. It seems soooo last season. Even though it was this season. Sammi doesn’t really accept it.

So the guys are happy and hanging together in the hot tub. The girls are unhappy hanging together in the house. The scene with the girls shows then sitting in the living room, each of them playing with their hair … either on their head or their eyelashes or eyebrows. These are always touching their hair. Jenni says she used to be up “girls like that in high school.” I guess girls like Sammi.

Although she stood him up before, Ramona is back in Vinny’s life. They go to the beach. Vinny is in love. Ramona is from Romania, she speaks three languages, she wears a tiny bikini, she has a puppy, and she’s a dancer at a club. The girl is perfect! There were definitely “fireworks” between them, says Vinny.

Snooki’s friend Ryder comes to visit. Then the group goes to Klutch. Mike calls himself a prophecy and it was predicted that that a “pimp of all pimps” would be  on earth and his name would be The Situation. However, the girls at the club think he is the “jerk of all jerks” and actually seem to be trying to avoid him … asking for help from their friends, telling him he is “too much.”

When they leave the club … because Mike wants to leave … Snooki doesn’t want to go. She does leave, but she’s mad at Mike.

Next day, Snooki and Ryder are out and about and run into Mike and Pauly D. He kind of tries to apologize but she wasn’t have much of it. He calls her a “drama queen.”

Next night, they are out again. Ramona shows up and while Vinny is in the bathroom, Mike tries to move in because “she’s definitely one of the hottest girls in Miami.”  Ramona, God love her, doesn’t bite and tells Vinny what happened.  Then Mike is mad and pouts and watches Ramona and Vinny. Weird and childish.

Some other weird things happen. Mike kisses Snooki. What? Mike says he controls the group and they leave when he says.  “I’m the daddy,” says Mike.

Random thoughts on this episode:

Mike seems obnoxious and creepy.

There’s trouble coming in Sammi and Ronnie’s paradise. She wants his opinion on whether she should forgive the girls and hang with them. “She’s always asking me what to do,” complains Ronnie. “She’s 23. She’s a woman. Should it be this complicated?”

Pauly D is not committed to Rocio, the somewhat girlfriend. She should run. Probably has.

Next up, Sister Wives!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Teen Mom ... Too Much Too Soon


The DNA match between Sophia and her aunt was more than 99 percent … so it's confirmed that Derek is Sophia's father. Farrah tells Cassy (the aunt), and I’ve got to say, I am feeling it for Farrah. I was sad for her. I think her tears are real, and she’s struggling with missing Derek and all the other issues that go with being a teen mom. Of all the teen moms, I do feel for her the most, and I do think she is trying to be a good mom. She’s slowly becoming my favorite.

Because Sophia now has a “confirmed” daddy, she will get $236 per month in Social Security benefits. That will buy diapers, says Farrah’s mom. Again, not too helpful or supportive.

Farrah and her mom go to counseling. I’m not really getting Farrah’s mom … she brings up the fact that Farrah had originally wanted an abortion. Then Farrah is quick to point out how happy she is to have Sophia. I think her mom’s comment was a low blow. Then, Farrah talks about having a baby and grieving the loss of Derek. Mom again points out that they were broke up and it’s hard for her to have compassion when he hurt Farrah. I understand that a little. However, the counselor points out that she needs to have compassion for Farrah. Exactly.


Oh sweet, sweet Amber is going on a date and looking for a “nice guy.” When you see Leah with Amber in this episode, the poor little thing has a piece of fruit (the whole peach mind you) and is trying to eat it. Lazy, worthless Amber doesn’t even cut it up for her. Just hands her the giant peach and wishes her luck. Amber is calling Gary and demanding he pick Leah up so she can go on her date. Poor Gary is actually out buying balloons and flowers for Amber. Sucker!

Amber goes on her date with Chris. She knows how to pick him. Chris is on “work release” because he got into some kind of trouble. Great. He tells Amber that meeting her was the best day of his life. Now, I’m feeling sorry for him. Even she can’t believe it. Chris claims he “loves” Leah and says Amber is “perfect.” OK, this guy is ridiculous is so many ways.

Catelynn & Tyler

The happy twosome are planning a visit to see Carly, the child they gave up for adoption. They are wondering if Carly will recognize them? Probably not, they decide. Sometimes, they seem so young ...

Catelynn’s mom, April, is baaaaack. And scary as hell. She has a gift for Carly and Catelynn thanks her but before long, April is cussing and mad at Catelynn again. She doesn’t understand why Catelynn gave up her baby. Believe me, the rest of us do. Catelynn tries to explain. Mom doesn’t care. Mom says, “don’t tell me how to be a mom when you can’t be one.”

Catelynn still desperately wants her mom’s approval and hugs her and tells her she loves her. Mom returns the favor.

Tyler and Catelynn actually see the problem and want April to “have some compassion.” They know that their parents should be proud of them and respect their decision. These two are smarter than either of their parents and, I think, will be responsible, loving parents some day.


Boring Maci and her tired boyfriend Kyle break up. Did anyone ever really think this relationship was for real? Does anyone care?

Prior to the break up, Kyle (kind of being a jerk) tells Maci she needs a hobby. She tells him she has a hobby … being a mom. He also tells her the relationship is too much “weight” and he feels she is in his pocket 24/7. Relationship over. “Too much too soon?” asks Maci and he agrees.

Poor Maci. She wants a boyfriend, but she’s better off without this lazy one.  She decides to stay in Nashville even though she feels alone there. However, she doesn’t seem sad about the break up.

 Next  Up ... Jersey Shore!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sister Wives ... Wives on the Move

Kody and Robyn are engaged! They have sealed the deal. How exciting for the other three wives! Although the wives are thrilled, are the older daughters? One jokes that Robyn could be her sister. Another comments that Robyn “seems more like a friend.” Obviously, the kids are struggling with a new wife and mommy and courtin’ and the whole bit. Three moms were plenty!

And then, one daughter says,  “If my husband was with another woman, I’d be ripping her hair out.” It’s very interesting how the kids accept the three wives as a normal situation, but the new wife just changes everything.

And back to the wives, Christine is upset that Kody sealed the relationship with Robyn with a kiss. She didn’t kiss him until they were at the altar because she didn’t want to kiss a “married man.” What? Wait a minute. It’s fine to marry him, share him, have intimate relations with him, and have babies with him but NO WAY would she kiss him. He's married for crying out loud! That’s just going too far!

Also, Christine says that Kody is going to see Robyn "too much." And Meri wonders when she will get the attention that Robyn is getting. And, surprisingly, Meri admits that this plural relationship sometimes gets to her, but she stays because she loves Kody and because of her daughter.

In other news, Christine goes to the doctor as she is getting close to delivery time. She has an ultrasound, and it looks like all is well.

One of the daughters, Madison I believe, says she is OK with polygamy, but she doesn’t want it for herself. I do appreciate the fact that this family is not forcing their lifestyle on their children.

Robyn moves to be closer to the family … but she’s not in the house yet because they aren’t married. And, by the way, never really will be … During the move, seems like Meri is doing all the work and actually makes fun of Kody. He takes it OK.

Just a side note: Robyn can’t talk without crying. It’s annoying. Just say it girl!

Next Up: Teen Mom!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sister Wives ... Courting a Fourth Wife

In this episode, Kody goes a courtin. He keeps saying “courting” like he’s from 1820. And, honestly, sometimes when I listen to these people, I feel like I am in some kind of weird time warp, and I’ve gone to a place where the women have no common sense and the inability to reason and the men have golden locks and soup for brains.

Now that Kody is in a full-court press to get Robyn into the fold, he goes to visit quite often (I’m guessing) at her home five hours away. (I now know they live in Utah … surprise, surprise …  and he must make the trip.) He’s trying to get to know her three kids, and on each trip, he takes members of his family along to get to know her. On this trip, it’s fortunate that he chose two of his older girls to come along because they can babysit her kids while they go out! How handy is that.

Before Kody leaves, one of the wives — maybe Janelle — comments that Kody is busy making sure “all our needs our met.” OK then. I don’t even want to know.

Kody says that although the wives would be comfortable with another wife, they are not so comfortable with a girlfriend. That makes sense.

The current wives all “just love” Robyn. They are happy that she’s choosing to come to a family with three wives.  Meri says, “the more the merrier.” They have all, supposedly, worked through the issues, says Kody, and they have watched him “fall in love with someone else.”

Despite the “issues” being worked out, Robyn says she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Kody, who seems to almost enjoy this, says, “There is no way around it.”

The first three wives all concede to feeling some jealousy, and then call Robyn the “trophy wife.” Christine admits feeling like she has “lost her best friend” when Kody spends so much time courting Robyn.

Christine also says that Kody is so wonderful that “he deserves a cute girl.” OK, I can’t even take her seriously; does she feel they should reward him? Is Robyn the prize? Is she saying the rest of the bunch aren’t cute girls?

Then, Kody says at one point (prior to finalizing the deal with Robyn I guess) that he broke down at one point and started sobbing in Christine’s room. He left her room in tears, and Christine told him he was “lovesick” for Robyn. And, as we all know, the only way to cure being lovesick is take another wife! I didn’t even make that up. Kody actually said it.

Robyn, the sweet, pretty one by everyone’s accounts (and a big crybaby by my account … seriously, the woman can’t say two words without breaking down), says that this lifestyle makes you a better person and it smoothes the rough spots. She credits Kody’s current wives with making him the great man he is today. Robyn, who is divorced, grew up in a polygamous family. However, she and her husband never added a wife … too much trouble in the first marriage maybe? I wonder what THAT HUSBAND thinks about all this?

Then Robyn quietly admits that Kody is her soulmate. Well, he’s her soulmate 25 percent of the time with 25 percent of his soul. Just my calculation. She knows he is her soulmate because it she had made a list of what she needed in a man and he’s the one. I’d like to see that list. Isn’t it amazing that she just happened to put “three wives and 12 kids” on it?

Anyway, on their date, Kody and Robyn hold hands and he gives her an engagement ring that one of his kids made. I’m guessing it’s not the real one.

Later, Kody says, “I’m in love with Robyn. I’m in love with all of my wives.” Oh yes, it’s so obvious.

Next up, Sister Wives again.

Jersey Shore ... Gone, Baby, Gone

We continue where we left off last week with Mike calling Angelina a “ho” and Angelina striking back … literally. Mike tells the camera that Angelina should leave and he’s “the glue” that holds “the family” together.

Then, Mike and Pauly D ask Angelina’s new guy friend to leave so they can attend to “family business.” The Godfathers have spoken, so the guy leaves.

Angelina says she feels “broken down.” She cries and is upset. Mike, who maybe has a heart, asks the other guys if he “should forgive this chick.” I sincerely believe he didn’t want to see her cry.

Pauly D gives us his take. She hit HIM before. Housemates can yell and point fingers, but they can’t hit each other. Ummmm … was I the only one who witnessed Jenni attack Sammi? Or Jenni attack Mike?

Pauly D also says that girls can’t bring random guys home. Not girls. That’s what guys do. Well, that’s what these guys do. They once again mention that Angelina is a “dirty girl.”

Let me say this: Angelina can’t get along with anyone. I used to blame them, but if you are the only one that can’t get along with anyone … you are the problem. Also, she must be FILTHY because everyone keeps mentioning it.

Anyway, Godfather wannabe Mike can’t get over that Angelina hit him, so after telling the guys, he tells Jenni. Jenni — if you remember — hit Mike last season … so she feels a little sorry for Angelina. She tries to have a talk with Angelina, but Angelina is spoiled and can’t keep her mouth shut. Nothing works with this girl.

Then it is my least favorite thing, T-shirt Time, as the group gets ready to party. Samantha, the girl Mike met the night before and now has been invited to a sleepover with Mike, comes over and they sweetly pick out her nightclothes before they leave for the club. Samantha says, “the less clothes the better” as Mike searches to find her a shirt and shorts.

They go to “Klutch” where Angelina finds her steady or her friend or whatever … Jose. Mike and Samantha are dancing, but Mike can’t help but talk to and flirt with other girls.  Samantha gets cranky with one girl and tells her “keep her hands off my man.” Poor Samantha. At least he can be her man for one night.  Finally, everyone goes home and Mike takes the poor, poor girl … who is about to be a chalk mark on the board … to the “smush” room and next thing you know, we hear her moaning. He brought home a screamer. “Mike’s finally found a girl as crazy as him,” says Vinny.


Angelina and Jose sleep in Mike’s bed because her girlfriend is sleeping in her bed. Why in the world would Angelina think that it would be OK with Mike when he basically hates her anyway?

Next morning, Mike gets up and sends Samantha home after breakfast. “Mike’s done with her, “ says Vinny.

Mike is not happy with Angelina. It’s like she wants to fight with him. It’s like she is asking for it. I don’t understand her. So … after she sleeps in his bed … they get in another fight. She tells him to “drop it” and “shut up.” She had said thank you to him, but she never apologized. Mike wants it, but Angelina isn’t going to give it to him (the apology).  He tells her she has a big rear end (my words, not his), and she tells him he has an “ugly face.” Then he pulled her hair, and she cried and told the teacher. (OK, I made that last sentence up.)

Really, this girl does not know when to shut up. I found myself screaming at the TV for her to just SHUT UP. Mike says that Angelina “just doesn’t want to be a part of this family.” There we go with the Godfather references again. Mike, you guys are not a family. You have lived together for eight weeks for two summers. You do not love each other. You are captives on a bizarre reality show. That’s it.

Finally, Snooki is back. She’s made a checklist of the type of guy she wants to find … a tan guido juicehead who has her personality and style. She says she is NOT going to again. OK then. The checklist includes things like he likes to “frolic, likes pickles and likes to sleep in.” Those were my favorites. Every girl wants a guy that frolics and eats pickles.

Later, Mike offers Angelina an olive branch, which she promptly stomps on. “We’re going to dinner at 10 and the club at 12. Do you want to come?” he says. “I’ll decide what I want to do,” says Angelina and then goes on and on with the same nonsense.

Angelina goes to bed and stays, just begging for someone to invite her out with them again. No one does. They go to the club and she packs her bags to leave.

At first I think this is a joke … there is NO WAY she will leave again. Now, I know why there is a new addition to Jersey Shore next season. I just can’t believe she is so stupid.

Anyway, she doesn’t just leave after she packs her bags. She waits for the gang to come home. Obviously, she wants someone to beg her to stay. Again, no one does.

But then, there has to be a fight. Snooki and Angelina get into it because Snooki brings home one of Angelina’s old flames. Snooki attacks and there is a lot of hair pulling. Jenni pulls them apart, as Mike moves the coffee table out of the way. They are not done, and the fight continues as Angelina pounces. (By the way, Angelina just keeps talking while they are fighting … the girl NEVER shuts up.)

As Angelina prepares to leave … finally … she calls everyone “ fake” and says, “I can’t stand any of yous.” That’s not a typo.

I’m glad she’s gone. I’m tired of blogging about that girl.

Next up, Sister Wives.