Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jersey Shore ... Back into the Fold

The season finale starts off with the group taking a trip to the everglades and getting up close and personal with “alligators or crocodiles or whatever you call them” says Pauly D. I think they are alligators. They end up at some restaurants that serves friend frog and other disgusting things. I’m with the Jersey Shore gang because this crap is gross. The frog looks like a frog. Even Mike gets sick … literally.

On the final night, Pauly D and Vinny take Rocio and Ramona (separately) on final dates. Vinny says his best memories are of Ramona. Pauly D wants to “give Rocio a shot” … I guess to be his girlfriend. He doesn’t even want to smash  her. He wants to get to know her first. She’s one lucky girl because she’s escaping national embarrassment, disease and who knows what else. On this night and on their date, Sammi and Ronnie are fighting. I don’t know why and I don’t care.

Pauly D and Vinny aren’t missing their girls too much, because the gang is out to party later that night. Vinny picks up two “hos,” but then he decides to “say no to hos.” Mike … not so much. He steps right in. These girls are the worst and are happy to go to the bathroom with Mike.

The rest of the show centers on the gang cleaning up the house and getting ready to move out … and fighting with each other. They keep telling on each other. Mike tells Sammi that Snooki thinks she should help out more. Snooki tells Jenni that Mike, Pauly D and Vinny think she is fake (a big fat lie by the way).


Really, I’ve had enough. I’m glad the season is over. Hopefully, I will be ready again next year.

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