Monday, October 11, 2010

Sister Wives ... Wives on the Move

Kody and Robyn are engaged! They have sealed the deal. How exciting for the other three wives! Although the wives are thrilled, are the older daughters? One jokes that Robyn could be her sister. Another comments that Robyn “seems more like a friend.” Obviously, the kids are struggling with a new wife and mommy and courtin’ and the whole bit. Three moms were plenty!

And then, one daughter says,  “If my husband was with another woman, I’d be ripping her hair out.” It’s very interesting how the kids accept the three wives as a normal situation, but the new wife just changes everything.

And back to the wives, Christine is upset that Kody sealed the relationship with Robyn with a kiss. She didn’t kiss him until they were at the altar because she didn’t want to kiss a “married man.” What? Wait a minute. It’s fine to marry him, share him, have intimate relations with him, and have babies with him but NO WAY would she kiss him. He's married for crying out loud! That’s just going too far!

Also, Christine says that Kody is going to see Robyn "too much." And Meri wonders when she will get the attention that Robyn is getting. And, surprisingly, Meri admits that this plural relationship sometimes gets to her, but she stays because she loves Kody and because of her daughter.

In other news, Christine goes to the doctor as she is getting close to delivery time. She has an ultrasound, and it looks like all is well.

One of the daughters, Madison I believe, says she is OK with polygamy, but she doesn’t want it for herself. I do appreciate the fact that this family is not forcing their lifestyle on their children.

Robyn moves to be closer to the family … but she’s not in the house yet because they aren’t married. And, by the way, never really will be … During the move, seems like Meri is doing all the work and actually makes fun of Kody. He takes it OK.

Just a side note: Robyn can’t talk without crying. It’s annoying. Just say it girl!

Next Up: Teen Mom!

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