Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jersey Shore ... The End of Season 3

I'm a fail. I've not been keeping up with reality TV lately, or my blog. I have to get back on the stick.  I have been unable to keep watching "Sister Wives" as I threatened in my last blog. They are boring me to tears. I've fallen asleep in the last few episodes, so I have to find another show. "Glamour Belles" or this season of "Teen Mom"? Maybe, or maybe I will just comment randomly on the Housewives or just "reality TV stars" in the news. That's kind of fun.

Anyway, the last show of Season 3 of "Jersey Shore" ... kind of boring. Lots of drama this season with Sammi and Ronnie but that was depressing and eventually annoying right? Jenni was on fairly good behavior all season while Deena and Snooki seemed to take over the guys' role by "hooking up" with multiple partners, getting drunk a lot, and all sorts of stuff you really wouldn't want to engage in as a normal person. The guys seemed to be in the same GTL rut, and no romance really blossomed for them. We saws lots of footage with the dogs and the fact they are NOT HOUSE TRAINED. Thanks MTV. And, we know that none of this crew knows the slightest thing about plumbing.

All in all, the season went down quietly, and now I hear they may be in Italy next season. And, Pauly D has in own show in the works, and there is another spinoff with Jenni and Snooki. Great. I doubt I will watch those. I may no longer blog about the "kids" of Jersey Shore because NO ONE LIKES THEM. However, in all fairness, I do. They have entertained me, and my goal is to be entertained when it comes to TV. That's why I watch reality TV ... it's a weird, intrusive phenomenon that allows me (and everyone) to take a look at the lives of other people. Granted, they probably act differently when a TV camera is in their face but still ... It really is amazing to me. I still have a hard time grasping the concept, and wonder what kind of person it takes to want this complete invasion of privacy. Is fame really that important at whatever cost?

Oh well, we'll see. Next blog, just something ... anything  ... else.