Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sister Wives Finale

For some reason, TLC puts new episodes of "Sister Wives" back to back each Sunday. For the finale, it was no different. Episodes were "A Fourth Wife To Be" and "Four Wives and Counting."  TLC has not said whether this show will be back, and although I loved watching this train wreck, I'm not sure where the show could go from here ... unless Kody gets bored again and is looking for Nos. 5 and 6. That would be interesting to see if he could find more women to join up now that he is a minor celebrity. For this blog, I'm combining both shows.

In these episodes, jealousy is rampant. Kody is spending one out of every four nights with the wife to be, Robyn, and the wives don't think that is fair since she is not a wife yet. Robyn disagrees of course.

They are in the throes of wedding planning. By "they" I mean the whole crazy bunch of them. They go to the cake testing, and by secret ballot, vote on their favorite. How sweet is it when Kody and Robyn have the same choice? Meri doesn't think so.

They find a place for the reception, and make jokes about people having "no idea how much we share." Seriously. Gross.

Then there is the dress shopping. Robyn has the group dressed in brown, and they pick their dresses. She tries on numerous wedding dresses, and then tells the girls she wants to keep her choice "a secret." But oh no, Kody drops a bomb on the group. He actually picked out the dress! The whole "dress shopping experience" was an elaborate charade! Christine is having none of it. She points out that he didn't care what she wore at their wedding.  Janelle feels betrayed. I think Meri is just speechless.

The wives have pointed out before the differences in their situations and marriages to Kody compared to Robyn's experiences. Wake up Wives, I think he likes her the best!

The day of the wedding, Kody says "I feel 12." Well, no one would disagree that he acts it. While Robyn is getting ready at home, the rest of the wives and daughters get their hair and nails done at the salon.

First Wife Meri, sadly, is helping Kody get ready for his wedding (a private affair with no cameras allowed). She says she wishes  it was her wedding night. Don't worry, Meri, you'll get your chance in about four days!

They take a family photo, dance at the reception (Kody shares his time), and then ... at the end of the night ... Kody says goodbye to each wife before heading off on his honeymoon.

They end the show saying the wedding was beautiful, that they are each other's best friends, blah blah blah.

Just my opinion:

Kody is not in love. Kody may be in lust. If he loved even one of his wives, he would be devoted to her and only her. Polygamy may make sense if you want an extra babysitter or you are just bored ... it doesn't go with being in love. It just doesn't. I don't envy or hate these women. They seem OK, but they do not understand how a real relationship would work. They haven't seen it modeled, and they haven't been involved in one. How sad for them not to be the best friend and true love to their "husband." I just feel sorry for them.

Next Up ... Jersey Shore.

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