Friday, October 15, 2010

Sister Wives ... A Wife In Labor

Kody and Christine go to the doctor for a checkup and end up getting ready to have a baby ... the 13th baby on the 13th of the month. They talk about the anniversary coming up (his and Meri's) and the wedding coming up (his and Robyn's). It's all so exciting! Kody's fifth wife should be a secretary, so she can keep his schedule straight.

While Christine is in labor, Robyn's watching all the kids. It's chaos. Does she really want this? Although most of the plural marriages opt for home birth, this time Christine is in the hospital because she had a miscarriage previously. She's getting an epidural.

While Christine is waiting patiently to have their baby, Kody heads home to pick up a suitcase and her stuff. Her water breaks, so she wants him to come quickly. He kisses Robyn goodbye while his wife is in labor. Fun times. Oh, and back at the hospital, time to have a baby. Their oldest daughter, Aspyn, is watching. So is the rest of America.

Aspyn says the birth was "so cool" while Christine says it was "so easy" and I think it is all "so insane."

Next up, Sister Wives again.

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