Friday, October 15, 2010

Jersey Shore … Girls Like That

Angelina’s gone along with the “bad aura,” according to Pauly D. They move her bed out, and practically don’t mention her again. It’s like she was never there. They decide to celebrate with a meal that includes lobster. The lobsters were somewhat alive when they bring them home, and Snooki decides to save one … she names him Charlie. Poor Charlie still ends up in the cooking pot.

For some reason, Snooki decides to apologize to Sammi for the note. I don’t get why now. It seems soooo last season. Even though it was this season. Sammi doesn’t really accept it.

So the guys are happy and hanging together in the hot tub. The girls are unhappy hanging together in the house. The scene with the girls shows then sitting in the living room, each of them playing with their hair … either on their head or their eyelashes or eyebrows. These are always touching their hair. Jenni says she used to be up “girls like that in high school.” I guess girls like Sammi.

Although she stood him up before, Ramona is back in Vinny’s life. They go to the beach. Vinny is in love. Ramona is from Romania, she speaks three languages, she wears a tiny bikini, she has a puppy, and she’s a dancer at a club. The girl is perfect! There were definitely “fireworks” between them, says Vinny.

Snooki’s friend Ryder comes to visit. Then the group goes to Klutch. Mike calls himself a prophecy and it was predicted that that a “pimp of all pimps” would be  on earth and his name would be The Situation. However, the girls at the club think he is the “jerk of all jerks” and actually seem to be trying to avoid him … asking for help from their friends, telling him he is “too much.”

When they leave the club … because Mike wants to leave … Snooki doesn’t want to go. She does leave, but she’s mad at Mike.

Next day, Snooki and Ryder are out and about and run into Mike and Pauly D. He kind of tries to apologize but she wasn’t have much of it. He calls her a “drama queen.”

Next night, they are out again. Ramona shows up and while Vinny is in the bathroom, Mike tries to move in because “she’s definitely one of the hottest girls in Miami.”  Ramona, God love her, doesn’t bite and tells Vinny what happened.  Then Mike is mad and pouts and watches Ramona and Vinny. Weird and childish.

Some other weird things happen. Mike kisses Snooki. What? Mike says he controls the group and they leave when he says.  “I’m the daddy,” says Mike.

Random thoughts on this episode:

Mike seems obnoxious and creepy.

There’s trouble coming in Sammi and Ronnie’s paradise. She wants his opinion on whether she should forgive the girls and hang with them. “She’s always asking me what to do,” complains Ronnie. “She’s 23. She’s a woman. Should it be this complicated?”

Pauly D is not committed to Rocio, the somewhat girlfriend. She should run. Probably has.

Next up, Sister Wives!

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