Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Teen Mom ... Too Much Too Soon


The DNA match between Sophia and her aunt was more than 99 percent … so it's confirmed that Derek is Sophia's father. Farrah tells Cassy (the aunt), and I’ve got to say, I am feeling it for Farrah. I was sad for her. I think her tears are real, and she’s struggling with missing Derek and all the other issues that go with being a teen mom. Of all the teen moms, I do feel for her the most, and I do think she is trying to be a good mom. She’s slowly becoming my favorite.

Because Sophia now has a “confirmed” daddy, she will get $236 per month in Social Security benefits. That will buy diapers, says Farrah’s mom. Again, not too helpful or supportive.

Farrah and her mom go to counseling. I’m not really getting Farrah’s mom … she brings up the fact that Farrah had originally wanted an abortion. Then Farrah is quick to point out how happy she is to have Sophia. I think her mom’s comment was a low blow. Then, Farrah talks about having a baby and grieving the loss of Derek. Mom again points out that they were broke up and it’s hard for her to have compassion when he hurt Farrah. I understand that a little. However, the counselor points out that she needs to have compassion for Farrah. Exactly.


Oh sweet, sweet Amber is going on a date and looking for a “nice guy.” When you see Leah with Amber in this episode, the poor little thing has a piece of fruit (the whole peach mind you) and is trying to eat it. Lazy, worthless Amber doesn’t even cut it up for her. Just hands her the giant peach and wishes her luck. Amber is calling Gary and demanding he pick Leah up so she can go on her date. Poor Gary is actually out buying balloons and flowers for Amber. Sucker!

Amber goes on her date with Chris. She knows how to pick him. Chris is on “work release” because he got into some kind of trouble. Great. He tells Amber that meeting her was the best day of his life. Now, I’m feeling sorry for him. Even she can’t believe it. Chris claims he “loves” Leah and says Amber is “perfect.” OK, this guy is ridiculous is so many ways.

Catelynn & Tyler

The happy twosome are planning a visit to see Carly, the child they gave up for adoption. They are wondering if Carly will recognize them? Probably not, they decide. Sometimes, they seem so young ...

Catelynn’s mom, April, is baaaaack. And scary as hell. She has a gift for Carly and Catelynn thanks her but before long, April is cussing and mad at Catelynn again. She doesn’t understand why Catelynn gave up her baby. Believe me, the rest of us do. Catelynn tries to explain. Mom doesn’t care. Mom says, “don’t tell me how to be a mom when you can’t be one.”

Catelynn still desperately wants her mom’s approval and hugs her and tells her she loves her. Mom returns the favor.

Tyler and Catelynn actually see the problem and want April to “have some compassion.” They know that their parents should be proud of them and respect their decision. These two are smarter than either of their parents and, I think, will be responsible, loving parents some day.


Boring Maci and her tired boyfriend Kyle break up. Did anyone ever really think this relationship was for real? Does anyone care?

Prior to the break up, Kyle (kind of being a jerk) tells Maci she needs a hobby. She tells him she has a hobby … being a mom. He also tells her the relationship is too much “weight” and he feels she is in his pocket 24/7. Relationship over. “Too much too soon?” asks Maci and he agrees.

Poor Maci. She wants a boyfriend, but she’s better off without this lazy one.  She decides to stay in Nashville even though she feels alone there. However, she doesn’t seem sad about the break up.

 Next  Up ... Jersey Shore!

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