Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sister Wives ... Courting a Fourth Wife

In this episode, Kody goes a courtin. He keeps saying “courting” like he’s from 1820. And, honestly, sometimes when I listen to these people, I feel like I am in some kind of weird time warp, and I’ve gone to a place where the women have no common sense and the inability to reason and the men have golden locks and soup for brains.

Now that Kody is in a full-court press to get Robyn into the fold, he goes to visit quite often (I’m guessing) at her home five hours away. (I now know they live in Utah … surprise, surprise …  and he must make the trip.) He’s trying to get to know her three kids, and on each trip, he takes members of his family along to get to know her. On this trip, it’s fortunate that he chose two of his older girls to come along because they can babysit her kids while they go out! How handy is that.

Before Kody leaves, one of the wives — maybe Janelle — comments that Kody is busy making sure “all our needs our met.” OK then. I don’t even want to know.

Kody says that although the wives would be comfortable with another wife, they are not so comfortable with a girlfriend. That makes sense.

The current wives all “just love” Robyn. They are happy that she’s choosing to come to a family with three wives.  Meri says, “the more the merrier.” They have all, supposedly, worked through the issues, says Kody, and they have watched him “fall in love with someone else.”

Despite the “issues” being worked out, Robyn says she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Kody, who seems to almost enjoy this, says, “There is no way around it.”

The first three wives all concede to feeling some jealousy, and then call Robyn the “trophy wife.” Christine admits feeling like she has “lost her best friend” when Kody spends so much time courting Robyn.

Christine also says that Kody is so wonderful that “he deserves a cute girl.” OK, I can’t even take her seriously; does she feel they should reward him? Is Robyn the prize? Is she saying the rest of the bunch aren’t cute girls?

Then, Kody says at one point (prior to finalizing the deal with Robyn I guess) that he broke down at one point and started sobbing in Christine’s room. He left her room in tears, and Christine told him he was “lovesick” for Robyn. And, as we all know, the only way to cure being lovesick is take another wife! I didn’t even make that up. Kody actually said it.

Robyn, the sweet, pretty one by everyone’s accounts (and a big crybaby by my account … seriously, the woman can’t say two words without breaking down), says that this lifestyle makes you a better person and it smoothes the rough spots. She credits Kody’s current wives with making him the great man he is today. Robyn, who is divorced, grew up in a polygamous family. However, she and her husband never added a wife … too much trouble in the first marriage maybe? I wonder what THAT HUSBAND thinks about all this?

Then Robyn quietly admits that Kody is her soulmate. Well, he’s her soulmate 25 percent of the time with 25 percent of his soul. Just my calculation. She knows he is her soulmate because it she had made a list of what she needed in a man and he’s the one. I’d like to see that list. Isn’t it amazing that she just happened to put “three wives and 12 kids” on it?

Anyway, on their date, Kody and Robyn hold hands and he gives her an engagement ring that one of his kids made. I’m guessing it’s not the real one.

Later, Kody says, “I’m in love with Robyn. I’m in love with all of my wives.” Oh yes, it’s so obvious.

Next up, Sister Wives again.

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