Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jersey Shore … Déjà vu All Over Again

Jersey Shore ...

After the “disagreement” at the club Tantra, everybody heads home. And Vinny is with Ramona who is the girl that “everyone wants, “ but she is not DTF. She seems DTF to me. Anyway …

Mike and Snooki had a disagreement at the club about when it was time to leave, so the next day Mike apologizes. “Baby, I’m sorry ..”Again, do women really buy his crap?

After Snooki’s friend leaves, to cheer her up, Jenni says they are going to Space … a new club. At Space, Snooki expects to find her man … “a guido juicehead gorilla sexy tan and sweaty.” Whatever happened to funny, intelligent, tall, good job (or just a job would be nice), interesting personality and good looking? What is wrong with these girls?

They get dressed to go out.

I almost couldn’t look at Jenni’s outfit. It was too much of not enough. Pasties, tiny skirt … she looked like a hooker. Even Snooki thought so.

Within an  hour of being at Space, Mike and Snooki get into a fight with other “clubbers” and get kicked out. Pauly D tries to do himself and Mike a favor and “grabs two chicks.” The girls go home with them, get into bed with the guys … and the girl with Mike wakes up and realizes what she has gotten herself into, and wants to leave. Smart girl. Her friend follows suit.

Pauly D is mad because Mike is not a good wingman. According to Pauly D, Mike should have left the room, entertained the smart girl and let him do his business. Mike doesn’t want to and doesn’t. Mike’s girl tells him that “he should have gotten easier girls.”

Pauly D is still mad because Mike should have “taken one for the team.” Sometimes, according to Pauly D, you have to “entertain the grenade or decipher (he meant diffuse) the bomb if one comes. It’s a war out there.”

Later, Mike’s telling the story to Vinny and, suddenly, the girl is a grenade and HE put a stop to it. The truth is the girl was cute, she wasn’t having any of it and Mike’s a liar.

Pauly D wants to  pick up random girls every night, but then spends time at the beach with Rocio while Vinny is with Ramona. Poor Rocio ... she should find someone who deserves her as she seems like a nice girl. Ronnie and Sammi join them, and Sammi enjoys everyone being “all wifed up.

That night, Mike cooks dinner and sets off the fire alarms. The firemen show up and Jenni calls them “Prime A meat of men.” Say what? Snooki tells us that she would have “smooshed” them. Classy.

That evening, Ronnie makes the mistake of telling Sammi she looks “Asian” and he “likes it.” Problem: His ex-girlfriend was Asian. Ronnie tells Sammi to brush it off, but as with anything he says, she can’t. Fight on.

The next night or so, back at Tantra, Pauly D and Mike find some “DTF” girls and “pull the trigger.” They head home. Problem was they didn’t get to know these girls AT ALL (which is not a surprise of course). They are sisters, and one is engaged. The girls take no time telling the guys they are staying five minutes and  heading home. Quickly, the guys kick them out.

I was SO BORED with this episode, and blogging about it is painful. The more I watch this show, the more I wonder if these people will ever really contribute to society. I am entertained sometimes. I am annoyed all the time. 

Next up ... season finale of Sister Wives.

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