Monday, October 18, 2010

Teen Moms ... See You Later

It's the final episode this season. All in all, I've learned to like Farrah, Catelynn and Tyler, despise Amber and understand Maci a little better. I never watched this show before this year, and teen moms are not funny. It's a difficult situation and these girls, with the exception of Amber, are doing the best they can.

Catelynn & Tyler

They are off to meet Carly. They seem OK and happy that Carly has great parents. They take pictures and eventually give Carly a scrapbook. They also give Carly a "recordable book" where Catelynn and Tyler have recorded their voices reading to Carly. It brings tears. And, it was very sweet.

What was sad about this whole thing is not the visit, but the way it causes Catelynn and Tyler to reflect on their own parents. They are happy that Carly has parents that take good care of her, love her and take her to the park. Tyler says, "Carly will never have to worry about who will take her to the park. I wish I had a dad that would have taken me to the park."

Carly takes to them fairly quickly which is interesting. She must sense something.

(By the way, April calls to check on Catelynn and Tyler after their visit. I score it as a victory because she didn't cuss or call Catelynn a dirty name.)

Carly is lucky to have such smart birth parents who wanted something better for her. Catelynn and Tyler did the right thing.


Maci and Ryan meet with a mediator to determine visitation for Bentley. Ryan, fairly, wants five days a week to Maci's nine days. Just one more day than he has now ... even the mediator thinks that is fair. Maci agrees, but she is crying the whole time. I will give her credit; she loves and cares for Bentley and sometimes that means doing the right thing for him. He does need time with his dad.

Both Maci and Ryan are now single. Ryan makes an odd comment ... "Do you think we should be together for Bentley?" She says no, and he agrees.

Later Maci comments, "Now that we are both single ... Who knows?"


Farrah has a date. His name is Julian, and I think he's her hair stylist. She mentions her baby and then wonders if she will ever hear from him again.

Already, after just a few days in the rental house owned by her parents, Farrah is unhappy. Her mom gave her a rental agreement and some paperwork requiring a background check and a few other things. She also wants Farrah to pay half a month's rent since she moved in early.

Farrah doesn't get it, but as a mom, I get it. She's trying to teach Farrah about the real world. Farrah wanted her mom to give her a break and help her out financially. Farrah is telling all of this to her friend when ... taaa daa  ...  Julian calls. I guess Sophia didn't scare him off.

Then, Farrah goes to visit with her mom about the rental agreement. She complains to her mom, and her mom tells her she is treating her the same way she would treat any applicant. Farrah asks for a break in the rent, and mom caves.

Farrah tries to explain to her mom that she is still grieving, under stress and still sad. She starts crying.

Her mom tears up and tells her that someday someone will love her and cherish  her. She tells Farrah that she can't change the past so she has to focus on the future.

Farrah then wants a hug. I loved this.

Amber (or she-devil)

Amber's at home, and SHOCK, in bed while her new work-release boyfriend Chris is cleaning house. Gary calls, from his mom's house where he and Leah are staying, and tells Leah they need to work out custody arrangements. He also asks Amber why Leah's not wearing clean clothes and why her legs are all scratched up. Amber blows up. During this call, Chris gets on the phone with Gary which makes no sense at all to me ... or Gary.

Gary hangs up, and Amber gets in her car and is off to find Gary. They play "chase" then she goes home. Chris, the felon, tries to soothe Amber telling her she's "better than that" and that she's "a good mother."

Gary tells a friend about the incident and the friend wonders how Gary feels now. Gary says he misses who Amber was, not who she is now. "I'm not going back to her," says Gary, "now I'm thinking about my daughter first."

Gary finally agrees to come over and discuss Leah. He tells Amber that Chris must leave. Chris leaves.

They get in a fight, of course, and Gary leaves then comes back and apologizes. Not sure why he is apologizing. But, we find out two things here, Chris has moved in with Amber. And Gary doesn't want Chris changing Leah's diapers. Fair enough. But not to psycho Amber.

When Gary returns and apologizes, Leah tells her mom to be "quiet." Now, we know who has the brains in this family.  Gary hugs Amber and even Leah can't believe it.

So, if there is a next season ... the questions are?

Does Maci go back to Ryan or Kyle?
Is Amber allowed any visitation at all with Leah?
Do Catelynn and Tyler finish high school?
How does Farrah learn to move past her grief and get on with her life?

Next up ... Jersey Shore!

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