Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finding Something To Blog About

I haven’t been blogging lately because the shows I blog about are down for the count. It will be next season before I can do show updates. I could still talk about the cast of Jersey Shore or that trainwreck Amber from Teen Mom. She can’t stay out of the news …

I’ve been trying to find a new show to blog about, but because I don’t have a clear winner … I am going to watch random reality shows and blog about those.

I am going to start with The A-List from LOGO. These are the real bitchy boys of NYC, the A-List gay New Yorkers. They are hilarious! They all remind me of characters from "The Wizard of Oz"… Derek needs a heart, Austin needs a brain, Reichen needs some courage, and Rodiney needs to go home. Ryan is definitely the Wizard … he just trying to help them all. And, why is TJ  there again?

Reichen is an actor and Austin and Rodiney are models … not sure what the rest do for a living. I’m thinking Ryan is just rich. These guys are, in some ways, “stereotypes” of how the world sees gay men … body-conscious, fashion-forward, bitchy and a little prissy. When Austin and Rodiney get in a little tussle, they do a little slapping but very little damage. One of the others remarks, “That was SOOO masculine of you …” to Austin who reacted to a drink being thrown at him (thus the tussle).

These guys are very pretty, in shape, funny, and entertaining. They have no time for women. Any woman in this show is either the loving mom, or is there in some sort of “servant” capacity. Derek had his assistant actually shave his legs. Really, Derek? Gross. When they mention women, it’s almost in a negative light such as Austin’s comment about disliking Derek’s appearance at Fire Island … “He’s such a buzzkill. Like watching porn and a girl shows up.”

As a straight, single woman watching this unfamiliar world, I’m empathetic to some of their personal struggles like finding a job (been there), looking for the right man (definitely done that), making true friends (and keeping them), and just trying to live a life free of judgment and insecurities. These guys just want to have fun, and I can relate.