Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sister Wives ... First Wife's 20th Anniversary

It's all so surreal in Kody's world. He's celebrating an anniversary. He just had a baby. He is about to get married. I don't even know what to say or write.

The first three wives decide to buy the soon-to-be-fourth "sister wife" a ring from them to welcome her to the family. The ladies tell the jeweler it is "just because." It's just easier to be vague. The wives wonder, "Why do people care?" and "Why does it matter?"

Well, you guys are the ones with the TV show so you tell me? My guess is nobody really cares, and it doesn't matter if the three, I mean four, of you want to share your husband. We all just don't understand you, and people like to watch "strange" or "different."

Mariah, the daughter of Meri and Kody, wants to be a part of the U.S. Naval Academy. They support her dreams, but it means that she must stay in public school. The private, polygamous school that most of the children attend is not accredited. Surprise. Surprise. The marriages are not real. The school is not real.

Kody and Meri go to Mexico for their anniversary. She has feelings of jealous and she wants him to understand and acknowledge those feelings. I got news for your Meri ... he doesn't get it. He may declare love for you, and say he gets it. If he really loved you, he wouldn't want to hurt you or upset you. Really, he wouldn't.

Meri asks him a very fair question and wonders how he Kody would like it if she was with another man. Kody can't comprehend it. It's vulgar and obscene and goes against God. Really Kody? Really?

Kody said he understands that heartbreak will happen. Just can't stop it. Yes, he can stop it. And, no, he doesn't care. And yes, he is selfish. He gets what he wants.

Watch out girls ... there will be more wives. There are a lot of desperate women out there.

Next Up Jersey Shore, Teen Mom and more Sister Wives.

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