Sunday, September 26, 2010

Teen Mom ... Trial and Error

Catelynn & Tyler

Catelynn's mom has been out of town (thank God), and now Catelynn, rather than throwing a party or acting a fool like a good teenager, is cleaning up the house before her mom returns so her mother might, hopefully, be happy with Catelynn for once.

Mom doesn't seem to care much about the clean house or the stories about Carly. She just looks angry (and tired and maybe hungover) when Catelynn and Tyler go on and on about Carly's love of strawberries and spaghetti and whatever. She does not comment.

Catelynn and Tyler give up. They talk about how they are making Carly a scrapbook.

For some reason, Tyler's dad (April's boyfriend or husband or whatever ... so Catelynn's stepdad or whatever) violated the court order not to contact April (this is Catelynn's mom if you are keeping up) and now is back in jail.

Catelynn and her mom talk to an attorney who wants $1,500 for his services. They don't have the money. So there you have it. April is rude to the attorney. This woman has no manners, no class, no nothing. She is embarrassing.

Catelynn tells Tyler the story and he reminisces that his dad has been in jail during all the important events of his life. Tyler has no sympathy and says that his dad got himself in this situation, he can get himself out. Good for Tyler.


She's gonna move no matter what. She's determined to take Bentley and live near her boyfriend. In this episode, Maci and new boyfriend Kyle are declaring their love for one another. I can't figure out how long they have known each other? I've lost track. How long have they been together? Doesn't seem like long ... but you can't tell.

Maci tells Ryan she's moving and basically where he can stick it ... Ryan doesn't like it ... so you know fireworks are coming in future episodes. Ryan accuses her of taking Bentley away from his family and of thinking of no one but herself.

She moves anyway. We see Kyle putting Bentley's crib together. How sweet. I'm not sure what Maci wants, but Ryan is Bentley's father ... Not Kyle as much as she wants him to be.


Money woes again. The scam that was pulled on her has really hurt. She is moving into her mom's rental house. Decides to get money advice from dad, and he tells her that Sophia deserves Social Security benefits from her deceased father. I think that's right and fair.

Farrah talks to the attorney and decides to pursue this .. she gets her and Sophia "DNA tested" and expects her deceased boyfriend's family to do the same to prove paternity. I guess they agreed originally, but no one shows up to the DNA testing place. Farrah is rightfully upset.

She needs money. She's looking for help. I feel sorry for her in a way.


Lovely, sweet Amber and the chunk of burning love Gary. Oh yes, my favorite TV couple. Oh wait, they broke up again. Oh wait, they are just living together. Oh wait, he loves her. And wait, she wants to hit him. I love the Merry-Go-Round relationship!

So, Gary tried to live with his mom. She won't let him because he needs to be with his family, he fights with his brother ... whatever. He decides to ask Amber if he can stay there until he finds his own place. This guy is a glutton for punishment.

Amber is studying for her GED as Leah walks around in her shoes. This baby is precious ...

Gary shows up and Amber reluctantly agrees to let him stay there BUT THEY ARE NOT BACK TOGETHER. They get in a fight after Gary finds a knife laying around with Amber's leftover food. He's afraid Leah could have found it. Amber, sweet as ever, gets bleeped as this is somehow his fault that she is such a slob.

Gary's looking for a place and doesn't want to share any details with Amber including who he might be living with ... that's top secret info. He tells her is taking Leah with him. Amber kicks him out again (after threatening to hit him) for keeping his possible roommate situation from her ... and Gary takes Leah with him this time.

Gary visits with a friend and tells the friend he wants to work things out with Amber; he wants to be with his family. His friend tells him that Amber doesn't love him and he should probably lose her. His friend has no love for Amber ... gee, that's so hard to understand.

Gary goes back to Amber again. She lets him stay out of "pity" she says. He says "thank you." She tells him to putt Leah to bed. He does it. OMG ... he is pathetic. She is mean.

OK, Amber shouldn't be a mom. She is too immature and selfish and ridiculous. Gary shouldn't be a dad because he is too immature and lazy and ridiculous. However, they are parents so they need to grow up and act like adults. I have to admit that I felt sorry for Gary, and I stick by my last blog ... he is probably the better parent of the two. How sad is that.

Next up ... Sister Wives or Jersey Shore. I gotta do a better job of keeping up blogging. This is hard work!

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