Thursday, September 2, 2010

Teen Mom … Trial & Error

Amber & Gary

Thank goodness for Gary. He makes every episode fun! Amber has decided that she’s sick and tired of Gary being the “educated” one in the family … with his high school diploma and all (forget that she’s the one with the job), and she’s looking into either going back to school or getting her GED. Because getting her GED seems to be the easier and cheaper way to go, that’s Gary’s preference.

So, she tells Gary she has to study. She may have to quit her job to study. He may have to GET A JOB. He’s all about it. He says he’ll take her to dinner if she passes … with his charm and good looks no doubt.

So Amber takes a practice GED test online … and fails. Gary can’t believe it. He can’t marry someone who isn’t “on her game.” Gary … the guy without a job, who needs to lose 100 pounds or so and needs a good wax job and has the personality of a doorstop … wants a wife who is “on her game.” I think Amber should be on the lookout for a guy “on his game” who maybe graduated from technical school or something. Gary better look out.

Oh, and something else. After she fails the test, Amber wonders if there are some “smart pills” she can take to help her pass the test. Gary, the brainiac of the two, tells her to listen to Mozart. That’ll do it. Forget studying. Neither one of them came up with that idea.


Poor Farrah. She has no money. I know these girls must get paid for this show, but Farrah can’t afford a babysitter soooo her friend is now babysitting Sophia for her.

This same helpful friend suggests that Farrah get a life other than school, work and Sophia and try … speed dating! And, Farrah finds, you meet exactly the kind of guys you would expect to meet. The first guy wonders if she is into yoga, the second guy is into cats himself, and the third guy became catatonic at the mention of the kid. And, sadly, Farrah liked him the best.

Farrah decides that as far as dating, she is “not going to wait around and not going to look.” Now, how does that work exactly?


Maci has decided to wants to transfer to a college near her new love, Kyle. She’s been at her current college for three semesters, and two of those semesters, we find out from her counselor “have not been successful” so she has only nine hours to take along for the ride. Because she is intent on the move, she and Kyle spend time looking at daycares in the new town and during this daycare tour, Bently calls Kyle “dada.”

I can’t tell if Kyle wants to be a dad, is being forced to be a dad, or is simply along for the ride because he is in love with Maci or the camera or what is going on here. I guess we’ll find out.

Catelynn & Tyler

There can’t be any doubt in anyone’s mind now that Catelynn made the right decision to give her baby up for adoption so she could have a better life after you get a bird’s eye view of the white trash world she lives in with her mother.

When stepdad, Butch, goes to rehab … nice … chain-smoking mom simply loses it. She accuses Catelynn, in her kind way with every other word bleeped out, of not helping around the house, not cleaning up after the pets, and not communicating appropriately. OK then. She ‘s also still mad at Catelynn for giving up the baby for adoption.

Catelynn tries. She does the dishes. Picks up doggy doo doo. She tells Tyler that she wants to have a good relationship with her mom.

Catelynn’s situation is depressing, and her mother is a train wreck.

Speaking of train wrecks … I’ll be blogging about Jersey Shore next.

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