Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jersey Shore ... Not So Shore

It was looking pretty good that this season the girls were going to act like ladies and let the boys take the heat. Jenni's got a boyfriend, Angelina can't get a date, and Sammi is just brokenhearted ... but then there is Snooki. In this episode ... VERY first scene ... she's looking for a warm bed, and Vinny accommodates her. He tells the cameras later that he is "DTS" which means "down to snuggle" with Snooki, and he's not going to turn it away if she's throwing it at him. It kinda looked like she might have been.

Then, as she described the romantic scene to Sammi later, she actually, really says ... it was like a watermelon in a whaaat? I'm too old. I can't even go there.

Later, Angelina, Snooki and Jenni head for the beach and the talk turns to Sammi and Angelina seems to be the only one who actually understands what is wrong with Sammi ... "She's head over heels in love with the guy." Yes, Virginia, Sammi is in love with Ronnie. Desperately. Sadly. No one seems to understand this. While the girls are at the beach, Sammi is back at the house cyring over Ronnie again ... this time to Mike. Mike tells her to believe the letter. Sammi obviously doesn't want to ... she wants to believe Ronnie.

Even later, Snooki decides to tell all to Sammi and sends Angelina in the house (the other girls are outside) to get her. Sammi refuses to come out. I just don't think she really wants to hear it. And when Jenni comes in ... we finally get a real taste of the Jenni we all fear in the night as she tells Sammi to watch her tone. This girl is scary, and she's in Sammi's face telling all about Ronnie. The whole time Ronnie is screaming, "I was single. I was single." Sammi is screaming, "Who wrote the note?"

Sammi feels alone and isolated. Sadly, it's Ronnie that goes to check on her. She tries to talk to Snooki and Jenni and, once again, they leave her hanging. Just tell her you wrote the note. Please.

Later in the episode, the whole gang goes out on the town. Mike brings home a blonde girl, and then puts her alone in a the "smoosh" room ... I think. Is there really a room for what I think this means? She's alone in there just sitting and waiting and sitting and waiting. Mike fixes himself some food, then checks on her. Finally, he spends some time with her. Then leaves her alone again. Then calls her a taxi and sends her on her way. We don't know her name. I doubt he does. He looks like a jerk. She looks pathetic.

On Sunday night, the girls make dinner and the tension is getting worse between Jenni and Sammi. Sammi refuses to eat the food that Jenni makes. You can see what's coming and we didn't need the promos for it.

Once again, the gang goes out. This time, Mike finds another blonde. However, not so fast. The rest of the gang is PRETTY SURE this blonde is a guy. "If you have to think about it ... it is." This blonde is sporting a choker and gloves (sure signs of a tranny). Mike, I think, finally figures it out.

Pauly D. gets so drunk this evening out that he has to be helped home, and he's making nice with Angelina on the way home. Vinny makes a comment that "Pauly would have hooked up with me, he's so drunk." And, if you had put a choker on him, Mike also would have found him attractive.

After they arrive home, Vinny, the tattletale, hears Angelina make some comment about something that Jenni said to her boyfriend on the phone. Whatever. Jenni heads to the living room to scare Angelina. She does. Sammi's feeling brave and makes a smarty pants comment to Jenni and there you go. Next thing you know, there's a fight. Jenni strikes first and there's some punching and the show ends ... we'll see more next time I'm sure.

Next up ... Teen Mom. I missed Bridezillas this week!

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