Saturday, September 18, 2010

Teen Mom ... Hello and Goodbye

Catelynn & Tyler

I know this show is supposed to be about each "mom" but I always include Tyler in the title because this seems to about him as much as it is about Catelynn. They are both in the same situation. In this episode, the witch that Catelynn calls mom is heading to Vegas. Good riddance. She leaves her young son, Nick, with Catelynn and Tyler until the grandfather shows up to pick him up. I am assuming that Nick is both Catelynn and Tyler's brother because he is probably the child of Butch and April. And April is Catelynn's mom and Butch is Tyler's dad. It's all a little too hillbilly here.

Anyway, Catelynn and Tyler are preparing for the birthday of Carly, the child they gave up for adoption. They buy the 1-year-old a necklace and send it to her through the adoption agency. Again, they buy a 1-year-old a necklace. It just shows how clueless they really are.

Poor Catelynn cries for the lost relationship with her mother. She should just forget it. It is not worth it. Her mother is a lost cause.

On Carly's birthday, they call her parents, Teresa and Brandon, who seem very nice and give them an update on how much Carly enjoyed her cake and other bits of information. It's interesting how much they seem to miss Carly. Is this for the show? Is this for real? They seem genuine. It's sad that of all these teen moms, they might have actually tried the hardest had they kept their baby. However, they made the right choice.


Farrah has money woes.

So, the mother she seems to hate offers to let her live in a rental house across the street from them. She's also helping with the baby. Farrah hates her parents so much that she can't decide what to do. However, she also needs her parents for financial support and babysitting help.

She's talking to her hairstylist and friend about all this ... looking for advice ... and talking about what a great mother she is (as she ignores her baby who is throwing hair products all over the floor) and she does realize that to take her parents up on their offer of the rental house will be giving up some of her privacy. She seems willing to do it.

On her birthday, her parents try to have a little party and take Farrah and Sophia to the zoo. They get in some sort of argument on the way there. Farrah is disrespectful. The car busts a hose. Somehow even that is her parents' fault. Farrah always is upset with them.

Later, she gives her mother some "rules" if she is going to rent from them. Her mother asks her what it would take to make her happy. Farrah responds that she should know.

There's something going on here, and I don't get it. I'm missing something.


Maci does love Bentley, and she has a point about Ryan. He finished high school and did his thing while she gave up everything for Bentley. She has always been there. Now, he wants more time with Bentley. She feels like it's not fair. She love Bentley and wants him with her. She also wants to move and be near her boyfriend. She doesn't care what Ryan or anyone else wants. I understand her point that she deserves some happiness and deserves to have what she wants. Just because she has a child shouldn't stop her from living her life.

I understand Ryan. He's grown up a little. He does want to be a father now. It will be harder for him if Bentley lives farther away. He does have rights.

It's difficult.

Maci gets an apartment. Pays the deposit. Signs the lease. THEN .. she tells her parents. Her dad doesn't like it. Her mom wonders about the seriousness of the relationship between Kyle and Maci. I'm with her. They don't like any of it, but it's a done deal.


And now, my favorite teen parents, Amber and Gary. They are the reason that they should force all teens to take birth control. Poor, poor little Leah. She is precious, and doesn't deserve these two idiots as parents.

First off, they are taking dance lessons because they want to dance at their wedding that's not been set but is taking place in two, no four, no 20 months. Depends on who you ask. Gary is dancing. Please Lord no. Make him stop. Amber says Gary dances like a caveman. No, Amber, a caveman would be an upgrade for you.

Then, we find out that Gary has a job! He stocks shelves! We also get to see Gary without a shirt and find out that he also has boobs! Thanks MTV! While he is getting ready for work, he wakes up Leah which really makes Amber mad ... and no one likes a mad Amber. He leaves Leah crying in her bed. And, Amber screaming in her bed. Fun times.

Then, throughout the day, we get to watch Amber screaming at poor little Leah because she is a tired baby. She calls her a brat. She blames Gary.

When Gary comes home, she blames Gary for Leah's "lack of discipline." She's a baby. She thinks Leah should be "smacked." Gary does not want to smack her. Amber starts cussing and the bleeping starts. Gary tells her to quit cussing. She says that also is his fault.

OMG. Without a doubt, Amber is the worst mom of the bunch. I'm actually starting to like Gary now. And, I may regret this later, I believe ... he's the better parent of the two. There, I wrote it.

Gary leaves the house and leaves Leah there. He tells his mom he wishes he had not left Leah. I wish he had not left Leah either.

More Jersey Shore next time.


Krav said...

Gary is the BEST! I want cameras following him all day for his own show. They can call it "Moobs."

Kelly said...

I love it. I would definitely watch that one.