Thursday, September 30, 2010

Teen Mom ... Lashing Out

Catelynn & Tyler

The 12-month pics of Carly are sent to Catelynn and Tyler … and they both picked the same photo  (one with her … without her adoptive parents … and wearing a little hat) as their favorite. The adoption counselor asks them both about their grades and they react confidently.

Then Catelynn says something disturbing. She’s says something about not being able to get to school in the past because her mom was drunk? Did I hear that right? She says she’s learned that she has to call a friend or find another way to school if her mother can’t give her a ride. Just another reason for me to find her mother disgusting. Catelynn says one of the reasons they chose adoption for Carly is so she could finish high school.

She and Tyler go to a community college and visit  with a counselor. Catelynn wants to be an ultrasound tech, and Tyler wants to be an EMT, and then maybe a psychologist. They are very proud of themselves because they will be the first persons in their families to graduate high school, and go to college. How sad is that.

Then reality check. They don’t have enough credits to graduate from high school. And, Catelynn’s grades are not as good as she has been letting on … she tells her mom she doesn’t want to be a “loser” and not graduate from high school. Her mom says “thanks.” At least her mom knows what she is …

I will give these two kids some credit. They don’t pout; they attend graduation and support their friends and talk about how they will be there some day. You gotta like these two.


Maci is living in Nashville near her boyfriend and complains that Ryan hasn’t tried to see Bentley. It’s summer time, so school is out, so basically she is hanging out and seeing her boyfriend all the time. I’m wondering where the money is coming from?

She tries to cook rice and, I guess, chicken. Maci is complaining that the rice is not cooked but then keeps eating it and feeding it to her kid. OK then. She says she wants to keep Bentley with her forever, but she also doesn’t want to keep him from his father.  She isn’t happy about it. She wants to parent with him, and doesn’t want to go to court.

So … she takes Bentley to see Ryan. They actually, shockingly, come to an agreement about the custody arrangement. I think this means they will use a mediator instead of a courtroom. Maci says something about acting like adults … finally.

Everything about Maci is boring me …


She bought a new car. She’s moving in her parents’ rental house. But the most important thing is that she is meeting with her lawyer to see if somehow she can force her deceased boyfriend’s family to submit to DNA testing. She tells her lawyer she has called her three times with no results. However, he calls and  … lo and behold … Kassy (deceased boyfriend’s sister) agrees right away. However,  she wants to meet Sophia. Farrah agrees.

Farrah has a new job as a waitress. (I’m just throwing that in here.) She tells her parents that Kassy has agreed to DNA testing. For some reason, her mom doesn’t trust this family. I wish I knew the history here.

Later, Farrah is studying for culinary school. It’s hard to study with a baby because she “gets into everything.”  Kassy calls and tells Farrah she has some things for Sophia including some pictures.

They meet, and it seems like a friendly reunion. Kassy thinks Sophia looks just like Derek. Kassy tells Farrah that Derek wanted to be there for her “even if the baby wasn’t his.” What’s up with that? Again, I wish I knew the history here.

Later, Farrah calls her mom. She cries. She misses Derek. Her mom tells her she will find someone else. Farrah feels she took Derek for granted, and now he is gone. She’s sad, and I’m sad for her.


Someone I am not sad for is the violent, foul-mouthed and repulsive Amber. Her vile behavior knows no bounds, and now … she actually became so enraged and unrestrained that the show kept flashing messages about  “if you are the victim of domestic violence” and giving us a Web site to visit at This girl is crazy.

Anyway, let’s start at the beginning …  Gary and Amber are living together but not together. Amber and a friend take Leah and her friend’s child to a park. Amber is taking some “self-defense” classes, which is completely ironic since Gary is the one who needs the classes to defend himself against this loon, so she is showing her friend her moves while their children are left to swing alone. Amber, the mother of the year, doesn’t care.

Then, we see Gary’s mom keeping Leah. She buys Leah some crib sheets and then takes Leah and the sheets back to Amber. Leah’s mad because she looks … maybe cause she is … a bad mom because Leah’s bed has no crib sheets. However, she still doesn’t put crib sheets on Leah’s bed. No one can make you look like something  you already are.

Leah climbs on a table. So Amber puts her in bed, without crib sheets, to cry. Gary comes home. Amber gets bleeped every 10 seconds so I don’t know what she is saying, but Gary leaves with Amber. He says he is keeping her for awhile. Amber asks how long (not that I think she cares). He says “forever.” He leaves with Leah. Sometime during this event he tells her he will call Child Protective Services on her.

She immediately calls some friends to come over and console her. I’m surprised she has any friends. Maybe they just want some camera time.

Later, she’s packing Gary’s stuff. He comes over. Bleep (Amber). Amber is having a fit. She punches him in the head. Calls him fat and other names. Kicks him. Bleep. Bleep. Bleep. (Here’s where the “domestic violence” message kicks in …) He doesn’t hit her or even barely try to defense himself. He just leaves with his things.

Gary is the better parent. No question. I’ve said it before. There’s not even a question now. Amber is an immature, vicious, out-of-control and just downright mean high school dropout. She needs to go counseling to learn how to control her anger,  how to parent and how to just be a decent person.

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