Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why I Blog About Reality TV

People may wonder why I choose to blog about reality TV. Is my own life that boring? Good one. Maybe. Should I look at myself first before judging others? I do. I have plenty of faults. What’s the interest?

I just feel like it. I do what I want. I spent many years NOT doing what I wanted, and now I will do what I want no matter what anyone thinks. I choose not to blog about my kids or my family or my friends because they are not public figures, and they have not opened themselves up to that. They wouldn’t like it. I respect that. I tried it with my kids … it didn’t work.

Here’s the deal. I enjoy reality TV shows. They are funny and entertaining and sometimes sad and always shocking. They entertain me. I like to be entertained. So, I like to watch them and I like to write … so there it is. I don’t write about “Jersey Shore” because I want to be like Snooki or because I hate Snooki or because I am judging Snooki (or the rest of them) …I write about her because she shocks me. She is someone I do not understand … I find her interesting and fascinating. It’s like she is from another planet … I do not know anyone like her and never have. Obviously, I don’t know her ... I just know what I see on TV.

I was never a “Teen Mom,” but I find their stories interesting. However, I do not want to glorify teen pregnancy … I do not think they have it easy. I hope they don’t think that. I’ve written about “Bridezillas” because they put on a show, and “Hoarding: Buried Alive” because they are sad … and I will start blogging about “Sister Wives” … a show about a polygamous family on TLC. Again, I know I will find this brood shocking and will want to blog about them.

I will comment on what I think about the people and the antics I see on certain reality TV shows. Bottom line.

Having said that … if you are on a reality TV show … be ready for what that means. The lack of privacy, the criticism, the rudeness of couch critics like myself. If you go on TV and put yourself out there, you better expect that people will comment about you, about your looks, about your life, about your choices. You basically asked for it. You may not like what I say. I may not always be right, and I may not always see the whole picture because of the editing or whatever … but I will comment on what I see. However, it’s just my opinion. You don’t have to agree.

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