Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bridezillas - "Cristal & Johanne"

I'm so behind. I haven't been "reality" blogging. I'm looking for a new show to blog about while Bridezillas is on hiatus ... any suggestions?

Cristal, 24, is engaged to marry the meek and mild Adam, 22, in Milwaukee, WI. Theirs is a high school romance that is still going and going ... She wears the pants in the family and admits that he might be the only person that can "stand" her. She shows high levels of "emotional instability" ... that's a quote.

She's abusive to those who are working to help her, to her man, to her friends, to her family. While at a bar, there is an incident where a guy insults her and calls her a cow, and possibly a few other things. She throws a drink on someone because of this ... not sure it's the name caller, but she doesn't really care. Somebody had to pay. The sad thing is that her fiance was along for the ride and never said a word. What a wimp. She's no angel, but you hope the man you are marrying will defend you no matter what. She flirts with his brother ... nothing from Adam. She's called a cow. Nothing from Adam.

These two should both move on. But, instead, there is a wedding. They have made it this long, maybe it's a match. Best wishes.

The bridezilla to end all bridezillas, Johanne, is simply waiting for her man, Ed, to marry her or leave her. Surprisingly, he does the first although he may be looking for a lawyer these days after getting a look at the footage from the show. She's a cheater and a liar. She's rude to Ed, her sister, her mom, her friends, and pretty much everyone who comes in contact with her.

She's not in love with Ed, and I think she believes she is "settling" although that is more true for him. Ed, you can do better. I'm wondering what has become of their relationship? I'm wondering if her "act" was all for the show ... and for Ed's sake, I hope so ... although I'm not sure any normal person would participate in a threesome just to get ratings ... and risk their one real relationship. If she did, she's one of a kind.

Good luck to Ed.

More next season about Bridezillas. I may do a blog or two on Sister Wives this week ... the season is over, but I think a recap might be nice.


italia vixen said...

It's funny to me that you people can sit and do these blogs, have some pretty knurly opinions, judgement, and much more without even making sure you are blogging correct information. I mean you guys don't even attempt to get to the source before you blog. Were you not taught to believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see...I guess that ridiculing others lives without the whole story and believing all that is shown on tv is truly the definition of no life....Loving you and your comments keep on sitting your ass on that couch watching others lives so you can talk about them it has a promising future and I will continue to do what we are all supposed to do and that's live life in the real world....

Kelly said...

Thanks for reading. I'm just blogging about what I see and don't claim to know everything. This is a blog about reality TV ... Nothing more. It's not a serious news piece so if you want that .. Look elsewhere. If the Bridezillas appear om the show ... They know the name of the show and they know why they made the cut. Good for them. It's pure entertainment. You should have read my blog about 2011 reality TV likes and dislikes to get my opinion on Bridezillas. Happy new year to you!