Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jersey Shore ... Sleeping With The Enemy

The fight continues between Sammi and Jenni. I gotta admit after seeing THIS episode and reliving the beginning of the fight that ... Vinny is an instigating little sissy. Just saying.

Anyway, Jenni admits she wrote the note telling Sammi all about Ronnie's bad behavior. During the fight, Jenni gets the first knockdown. Looks like she breaks a nail or two on Sammi's nose. Sammi gets a right cross to Jenni's head. There's some massive hair pulling. Vinny, Angelina and Ronnie try to break up the fight. After the fight is broken up, Jenni throws something at Sammi.

Then, Ronnie and Vinny get into it. I would be afraid if I was Vinny. Then, Vinny, starts blaming it all on Angelina. Somehow, everything is Angelina's fault.

(By the way, there's some unknown suspected ho hanging around the background all this time.)

Then, Snooki accuses Angelina of being there when they wrote the note and of telling them what to put in the note. Now, she wasn't there. I don't remember her telling them what to put in the note although she might have given them the information for the note. There's a little bit of a difference to me.

While Ronnie is making a sandwich, war continues to break out among the girls. I just want to say SHUT UP SNOOKI. Snooki seems to be mad because Sammi still loves Ronnie. Well, she does.

(Never mind about the suspected ho, I just remembered Mike's sister is in town.)

Jenni and Snooki go outside to cool off and for some reason, Jenni comes back in the house. Sammi is laughing at her. So is Ronnie. So, Jenni reacts the only way she knows how and starts throwing punches and plates. Sammi throws the plate back at her.

Jenni and Snooki decide that Sammi just looks stupid for staying with Ronnie and sticking with Angelina. They look like rocket scientists for the brilliant note idea.
Sammi is pretty proud of her first fight.

The next morning, there are hair extensions, nails and tuna fish everywhere. The place is a mess. Jenni, Ronnie and Sammi are supposed to go to work. Ronnie and Sammi go, but Jenni calls in to tell her boss that can't work because she broke a nail. Really? Even Sammi can't believe it. I can't believe it. At least make up a better excuse. I was afraid of Jenni because she acts so mean and bitchy and tough. Now I know that breaking a nail brings her to full stop. I'm not afraid anymore.

That afternoon, Vinny, Mike and Angelina have to work and Angelina's new semi, kinda maybe boyfriend dude stops by and brings her a present ... a Fossil watch. When Angelina is showing off the watch to the guys later, they absolutely think that poor Jose is getting played. He's buying her presents and isn't getting to "hit that." Pauly D can't believe it. Ronnie calls Jose "a pro." They are all pretty impressed with the watch thing. They can't believe how Angelina is holding out.

It looks like the note has not slowed down Ronnie and Sammi. They seem closer that ever. Going on dates. Smushing. (I know what the means now.) After all the drama, everyone even goes out to play pool. Even Snooki and "The Beast" as Sammi calls Jenni show up. At this point, Sammi does believe that Angelina gave the other girls information for the note. I say whatever. So does Sammi.

Later, Angelina and Vinny get into a fight AGAIN. During this scene, there's a lot of bleeping going on. However, Angelina says she hates him and she's going basically going to ruin him in Staten Island. He calls her ugly, some other names, says she's fat, and gives her the lovely name of "Staten Island Dump."

Then, the group goes clubbing again at Tantra. Vinny picks up what he describes as a "really classy girl." She works at Hooters. Takes her home.

Snooki picks up some guy named Dennis. Takes him home. When they get there, the guy wants to make tacos and Snooki wants to cuddle. It seems like the poor guy is doing anything to avoid the alone time with her.

This is all very oh-so-disgusting to me. They do not know these people. They do not care about these people. If you were watching this, would you really want to date Snooki or Vinny or Mike or Pauly D? They are disease-magnets.

Another night, another club. Jose tells Angelina to "behave" and she responds with a sarcastic "OK, Daddy." The boy is a little slow and doesn't seem to get it and then he says, "I like it when you call me Daddy." WHAT?!? OK, freak. Lose him Angelina. The watch ain't worth it.

While the rest of the gang go out, Snooki and Jenni stay in. Snooki wants to invite Dennis over again so she can "get it in." I'm a little lost here again, but I THINK I know what that means. They have to disinfect the "community smush room" so Snooki can enjoy it with her new man. Dennis comes over and brings a "man grenade" for Jenni. Jenni is having none of it, and this dude is dismissed quickly. He was a little strange looking.

Out at the club, the dueling duo of Angelina and Vinny are drinking, and then because drinking makes you forget who you HATE, they hook up. On the ride home, the are smooching in the back seat and Pauly D tells the driver to pull over so Vinny can buy her a Fossil watch. Nice.

Favorite Line This Week comes from Snook Dog: "I'm not white. I'm tan. I put that on some job applications."

Another Reason to Dislike Vinny: When Sammi and Ronnie come home from a date, he's asking Sammi "Are you mad at me?" This guy is a girl.

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