Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Teen Mom ... Senior Prom


It’s Amber’s birthday so lovely, lovely Gary made breakfast … looking handsome in his wife-beater no less. Gary offers Amber an even better present and offers to babysit so she can go out with her friends and “dance.” The real gift is time away from him.

Later, as she’s getting ready to go and he’s off to pick up the birthday cake, Gary’s sweet little friend calls him a “bitch” for babysitting his OWN KID and tells him not to watch Leah. And, since Gary is definitely his own man, he stands up to Amber and tells her to go find a babysitter. He ain’t doing it. Gary proves once again he is a big fat loser jerk.

Amber screams into the phone that he should get lost. We can only hope. But no. He comes home with the cake. All’s forgiven. They have a stupid party. She does get to go dancing with her friends. What does she see in this guy?


The county prosecutor tells Farrah to “give and take” when it comes to her mom. Farrah is still not talking to her mom, but it looks like Farrah does need her help. We see her leaving her baby, Sophia, alone on the countertop. We see Farrah taking advantage of her friend’s offers to babysit.

Farrah does invite her mom to her therapy session. Her mother is clinging to the baby. Mom says she wants Farrah to be happy, but Farrah sits with her arms crossed and is very closed to her mom. Farrah says she wants to be closer to her mom but acts another way. She’s not sure what she wants. Even the therapist is losing patience with Farrah.

Farrah decides to meet her mom for some coffee. They make some small talk. Mom offers to watch Sophia to help Farrah out. Farrah needs the help and accepts the offer. Thank goodness.


Ryan, Bentley’s real father, not her boyfriend who she wants to make Bentley’s father, now wants more time with Bentley. He’s gotten wind that Maci may want to move. Bentley actually seems to enjoy the time with his dad and cries a little when he leaves him. Ryan is going to take her to court to keep her from moving and get more time with Bentley. Maci is upset. Is she upset because she wants more time with Bentley? Or because she can’t move to be near her boyfriend?

We’ll see.

Catelynn & Tyler

Does Catelynn’s mom know she is on camera? Is this woman really this mean? This stupid? It’s hard to imagine. While trying on prom dresses, April (Catelynn’s devilish mom) tells Catelynn that she doesn’t like the red one. So what. Mom, ever supportive, gets mad for no reason simply because Catelynn does like it. I guess Catelynn is not allowed to have an opinion. Mom leaves the store. Catelynn continues to shop with her friend. She obviously feels bad because her mother left.

When she goes to the car, she immediately tells her mom she is sorry and her mom politely tells her to get in and shut up. She then tells her and her friend that they are “ignorant bitches” and they are “rude” and “don’t ask my opinion if you don’t want it.” Catelynn should take her up on that. There’s only one person here who is ignorant and rude and bitchy.

April then calls Catelynn “Miss Perfect” and “a bitch.” This woman has problems. Someone should call child social services on her. She’s downright abusive to Catelynn.

Her friend has probably hit the problem right on the money. She thinks April is jealous of Catelynn. Catelynn has a life. She’s happy. She did the right thing by her own baby. It’s a sad thing to see a mother so unhappy about her child making good choices.

April is mean and angry and ugly and hateful. Catelynn is too nice and too forgiving. Unless they are editing something out that I’m not seeing, this is not a good situation for Catelynn.

Catelynn goes to prom. Her mom shows up to take a few pictures. She and Tyler get named King & Queen. OK then.

Next … back to the Jersey Shore.

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