Monday, December 28, 2009

Might as well JUMP

Although sometimes I might feel like taking a leap from a tall building, today is not the today. I'm actually feeling pretty good today. My son's SUV wouldn't start, so he and his friend did the responsible thing, and they retrieved his friend's jumper cables and started the Ford. Then they took off to the gas station (in my son's Ford) and, yep, the car died again and wouldn't start. There they sat at the gas station.

So they saw another friend drive by, called him, he stopped, and he also had jumper cables ... but he couldn't get the SUV to start. He left them at the gas station. My son called me wondering what to do next, whether to call a tow truck or what ...

I was on my way home and just told them to wait it out. I would be there shortly. When I got there, I took at look at my son's battery (and decided it looked pretty rough and we just needed to get it started so we could make it to Firestone and have it replaced). I cleaned it off, we hooked it up, and we jumped his SUV. The boys followed me to Firestone where we left the vehicle.

So why am I in a good mood when my son's Ford is now in the shop and it's going to cost me some money?

1. My son needed me. I helped him.
2. He and his friend thought it was funny that I was the one to help them.
3. I know how to jump a car.
4. My son knows how to jump a car.
5. I actually have jumped two cars in the past month.
6. I learned a lesson. Time to buy my son his own set of jumper cables.
7. Better car trouble now than when he leaves for college next week.
8. I feel empowered when I do things on my own.

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