Monday, September 27, 2010

Jersey Shore ... Dirty Pad

This is the dirty episode. Dirty girls. Dirty mouths. Dirty house. I feel a little dirty just watching.

Last time we saw Vinny getting stood up. We’re still there with sad little Vinny. Angelina and Jose plus Ronnie and Sammi go on a double date. Jose tells Ronnie he only told Angelina to “behave” because she was saying the same thing to him … telling him not to get with other girls. “Jose’s getting played like a piano,” says Ronnie. Sammi says Angelina says one thing, does another. She’s right and more proof of that is coming!

Because Vinny’s date never showed, and the flowers he bought her are turning brown, thoughtful Ronnie leaves a few dollars on Vinny’s bed and gives them to Sammi. Not cool. No one thinks it’s cool except Ronnie who thinks he just did a good deed and got a great deal.

Just recently, we know that Angelina "hooked up" with Vinny. Now she invites Jose to the “smush” room, but she tells the camera they didn’t "smush" because  … well, it’s her time of the month. Jose should thank his lucky stars.

I now know, because they show the audience, that there is a scoreboard in the house and they are keeping track of who is bring home a guest and how often. Angelina tells everyone she "hooked up" with Jose (although she didn’t) … I’m not understanding why she thinks this is a good idea. However, her decision-making has proven to me that her elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. The guys think Angelina is a tramp. Everyone realizes it is a double standard because of the way they all behave, but no one cares. She still gets the label. However, Snooki has been making some bad decisions of her own, but no one seems to notice.

While at work, Pauly D’s new girlfriend, Rocio, comes to visit. He likes her because “she’s not a whore, not a stalker.” And, he would definitely know the first one. He doesn’t want to rush things and turn her into a stalker. He says he has a tendency to do that to girls.

Back at the house, Angelina is on the phone and eating cereal. What is her obsession with cereal? Every time they show this girl, she’s eating cereal. Anyway, she was supposed to wake Snooki up to go get a manicure and pedicure with Jenni. She doesn’t do it because the cereal was calling, I guess. Jenni has to get a pedi and mani to “look good for her boyfriend.” Now I know her secret!

Tom, Jenni’s boyfriend, comes to visit. Within two seconds, they are in a fight because she a phone number in her “book” that he asked her not to take with her to Miami. He threatens to leave. For once, Jenni remains calm and the boyfriend stays.

That evening, the guys are getting ready to go out and it’s “T-shirt time.” They go to a place called Dream. Snooki is having no luck here. She’s talking to this guy in a suit, and he asks her the unfortunate question if there has ever been a time when she “just wanted to kill something?” “Right now,” says Snooki. Perfect.

Mike  has found a girl he thinks is “smokin’ hot” … so much that he can’t even wait to take her home. And, sadly, she doesn’t care. He takes her to the bathroom to “do his thing” but, thankfully, security stops them. Then, while trying to get her out of the bar, he loses her in the crowd. I’m thinking she’s dodged a bullet. It’s her lucky night.

At the bar, Angelina is seen dancing with a guy Snooki has previously “hooked up with.” Pauly D questions her about it because he doesn’t want her to “get an infection.” These guys can’t stand Angelina because she is way too much like them.

Ronnie and Sammi. Remember them? They are in love again, confessing it. Just letting you know.

The guys are alone for once, but Snooki hops in bed with Vinny and Tom and Jenni are together.

Next morning, off to GTL (gym, tan and laundry) for the guys.

Back at the house, Angelina wakes up to a filthy house. Dishes in the sink, trash everywhere. She starts to clean up, but the phone rings and she’s distracted. She and her friend Gina make plans to go the beach and off they go. Housework forgotten.

The guys return. First thing, they see a note on the door that says something like the following … Samantha … I met you last night … and here’s my number. Pauly D and Vinny think the note is FOR Sammi, but the note is from a Samantha, which happens to be the girl Mike “lost” at the club. She narrowly escapes and then the next day she is SOBER and she STILL seeks him out knowing he only wants one thing from her? I’m sure she’ll get exactly what she deserves.

Mike translates the note for us. “Here’s my number. Please call me so we can bang real quick.” Oh Lord, help us all.

Mike gives Samantha a call … “Hey baby.” “Do you have plans tonight?” She says no. “Now you have plans with me.” Gives her the details, which include coming to their house about 11 p.m., going to the club and then having a “sleepover.”  “Miss you.”

Seriously? Sammi tells him, “You creep me out” after hearing that phone call. It was creepy. And, just plain silly.  Do girls really find this guy attractive? Believable? Sane? I think Mike is a “lucky” man because Mike is a “famous” man. Girls really don’t fall for this crap, right?

I will give Mike credit for one thing; he took a look around the house and started cleaning up. Took out the trash. Washed down the counters. Swept the floor. He left the dishes for Angelina. Then, I’m sorry to say, he headed for the bathroom. He found something disgusting on the floor … decided it was Angelina’s and put in under her pillow (after showing it to everyone first).

Angelina comes home with her friend, Gina, and a new guy she met at the beach. This should be fun. They find the disgusting thing in her bed. She knows Mike put it there because he likes to "prank" her.

When the guys come in, Mike says to Angelina that she needs to do the dishes, but she tells him that she already did her share by “taking out the garbages.” OK, seems like a lie to me but whatever.  They get in to a fight and Mike calls her, among other things, a “dirty little hamster” and “the dirtiest girl I have ever met” and I think he might know about this one. She calls him “Popeye on crack.” That was funny. Her friends are telling her to chill. She’s losing it, and gets up and smacks Mike.

Wow. More next time.

(One more thing, Angelina … quit touching your hair!! It’s so annoying.)

(And one more thing, I hope I have events in order on this blog ... I got distracted from all the "dirty.")

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