Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Bachelorette - Episode 6 (Ashley and Bentley)

Sorry it's taken me so long to post this. It's been a week.

In the last episode, we see Ashley saying goodbye to a few more guys and now deciding she wants to spend the rest of the time with the remaining guys being "honest" WITH them and wants honesty FROM them. In her mind, honesty from them means complete devotion and love directed at her and honesty from her means sneaking off and telling Chris Harrison that she needs closure with Bentley. It's so hard for both me and Ashley to get over Bentley and move on. I want to move on. She won't let me.

So, finally, Bentley is back. Ashley can't want to turn the "dot dot dot ...." or "to be continued" into an exclamation point with Bentley. After finally confronting him and he gives her a few limp hugs and lame kisses and almost refuses to actually hurt her to her face (he's a big talker to the camera), she comes to the realization that he just wanted a vacation to Hong Kong and this is the "period" at the end of their relationship. He finally actually admits it. Ashley storms out and feels used (after all, she knew this guy for a week before he left), and she can't believe she wasted so much time thinking about this guy when there were so many great guys who actually like her! Who predicted this in a previous blog? Who was that? So, finally, we have no more "dot dot dot" and now she actually has "brackets" where she can fill in with a new lucky guy who will subjected to a lifetime of her insecurities.

She gives the first solo date to Lucas, the Texan, who just wants a kiss and a dance and he gets both on a boat. Ashley rewards him with the first rose in Hong Kong.

Then the dreaded group date, and Ashley continues her nautical theme with a "Dragon Boat" race with partners Constantine and Ben F., Ryan P. and Blake, and Mickey and Ames. The guys had to recruit locals to help them with the race. Ryan P. (his friendliness that the guys hate so much pays off here) is able to recruit people easily as is Mickey while Ben F. and Constantine struggle. Winners: Mickey and Ames ... no thanks to Ames I might add. He rows a boat about like I would and I'm a 40-something year-old woman. Not pretty. After the race, Ashley gushes about how much she is enjoying getting to know these guys. WHAT? She sent them off on their own. She put them in a boat. She didn't talk to any of them. Ashley, this is NOT how you get to know someone. During the evening, she gets to give out one more rose and it goes to Ryan P. I'm glad. I like him. He's too much for the other guys. I mean ... he's so friendly and positive and upbeat and MAN, don't you hate that?

The final solo date goes to J.P. ... the first of the bunch to get a second date. He knows he's the favorite at this point. Ashley makes it obvious. The guys are feeling it, too. She's VERY affectionate on their date. She feels so close to him that she tells him about Bentley's visit. He takes it very well, and tells her he appreciates her "honesty." Score one for Ashley. I just want to point out one weird thing. The first thing she asks him as they begin the date is, "What's going on with you?" Really. "Well, Ashley, I've been following you around the world trying to get a freakin' date." J.P. ... You should have said that instead of feeding her ego platitudes about love and "meant to be" and crap.

Then, the cocktail party. The guys are all sitting around looking like they would rather be at their late night poker game than waiting on the dark cloud that is Ashley to arrive. And, she does bring the rain. Feeling confident after J.P.'s reaction to Bentley's visit, she tells the rest of the guys. They react as most men might ... betrayed. They've been following her all over the world (and even been in the hospital as Ames points out), listening to her rants about honesty, and then THIS. Constantine, Mickey, Blake and Lucas don't like it. Ames takes it fairly well as "fairy tales don't always turn out as planned" or something like that. Ryan P. and J.P. are supportive. Mickey, who obviously isn't interested in this girl anyway does the honorable thing, and walks away. Gotta respect that. Hell, I thought before this night was over that J.P was going to be standing there with half a dozen roses in his hand.

At the end, Blake doesn't get a rose. I doubt he really cares. Blake, you can do better.

BTW, someone pointed out to me that Ashley walks funny, and maybe it's because she's doesn't usually wear high heels. That actually might make me like her better. I need something. Anything. I'm having a very hard time finding things to like about this girl. I can't find anyone who watches this show who likes her either. I really don't think the guys actually on the show really like her, and the promos don't bode well for her. We'll see.

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