Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Bachelorette (Ashley) — Episode 5

During this episode Ashley continues her longing for Bentley (and ABC even replayed that stupid scene AS THE SHOW OPENED where she crawls in bed and cries as Bentley can’t get away fast enough), while later she coldly sent both Ben C. and William home after the two-on-one date where only one guy was supposed to leave. William showed his tattletale colors by telling Ashley that Ben C. supposedly wants to try online dating. Ben C. is probably desperate to try anything after a few weeks with Ashley as his only choice. Ben C. didn’t seem to really care, except that William was telling on him. And, I used to like William but now … I was ready for him to leave also. He’s made it very obvious that he is there for one reason (not that I blame him, but I'm bored with it) … to jumpstart his comedy career. Nick was the third to hit the road after the rose ceremony. He ACTED like he kinda, maybe cared but not really. Ben F. (from the one –on-one date) and Blake (from the group date) got early roses to guarantee a trip to next week.

I honestly believe most of the guys don’t even care whether they stay or go. They are simply having fun hanging out with each other and having the trip of a lifetime (and getting their 15 minutes of fame), and Ashley is simply a distraction. Constantine openly admits he feels closer to the guys than her (guaranteeing himself a rose because Ashley likes men that don’t like her), and tells the rest of the guys that he’s not sure he would want to introduce her to his family and that he doesn’t feel that strongly for her.

But, who would? She’s high maintenance … and boring! She’s always “in a funk” and “not herself” and “thinking about Bentley.” I can’t believe any of these guys are really falling for her.

Thanks ABC for making your entire viewing audience think that Bentley was making an appearance in last night’s episode (gotta watch for keywords like “coming up” rather than “next week”) because Bentley did not appear. Looks like it will be NEXT WEEK before we see Bentley, and it also looks like the other guys don’t take it so well. Again, I would say next week she sends Bentley on his way after he admits the “truth” and she comes to a dramatic realization that her real love is one of the remaining eight guys (not really sure which one), and she cries about how much time she’s wasted pining for Bentley, what has she done to the other guys and blah blah. We’ll see.

Back to the show. Ashley must have a violent and angry soul. On one group date, she had the guys beat up on her (the roast), and last night she had the guys beat up on each other in this hard-to-watch bachelorette fight club. None of the guys were good boxers or kickers or whatever (Muay-Thai boxing … never heard of it), but some were just tougher than the others. Surprisingly, the tougher guys were J.P., Constantine, Blake and even Ryan P. who took it to Ames. Now the fact that Ames is not a fighter is not surprising. He admittedly has never been in a fight in his life as there always is “another way.” He wouldn’t even fight to get in the front of the line to avoid those stupid pink shorts. Anyway, Ryan P. knocked him silly and sent him on an ambulance ride to the local hospital. The guys were genuinely worried about him. He showed up later looking good, if a little tongue-tied, with a diagnosis of “in love” with “a concussion” … one and the same.

Let me say it again. This show is not about finding love, and there’s no way these guys are getting to know this girl. It is a chance for beautiful people to visit exotic locations, show off their abs and get as much airtime as possible … and maybe, just maybe be the next bachelor ... for more trips to exotic places, etc.

I think J.P and Ben F. might actually like Ashley although I’m a little surprised. I would be really surprised if the other guys had any real feelings for her.

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