Monday, August 15, 2011

Jersey Shore 2011 - More Than Like A Friend

I'm officially bored with the Jersey Shore gang. Definitely my last season to blog about them. They aren't really interesting, and it's the same old crap week after week. Get drunk, fall down, act a fool, hook up with some pathetic fame-hungry girl ... or one of the girls in the house, eat, go to the gym, get a fake tan, and bore me to tears.

This past week, we find out they get to work in a pizzeria. OK. Then, we now know officially that Sammi and Ron still have a thing for each other, but they are fighting it. Harder for her than him. We know that Mike is, without a doubt, the sleaziest person in the house ... or maybe even alive. He picks up some girl, then tries to "get with" Snooki by sweet talking her about how much he cares about her like "more than like a friend" and how she is so special and blah blah blah. Is she really buying his baloney? I think he just wants to prove he can get her if he wants, and for an added bonus, he can ruin the relationship she has with the boy back home! Deena wants to be with Pauly D, and Pauly D wants as far away from her as possible. Who can blame him?

Jenni seems to be the only sane one left. She's loyal to her boyfriend, tries to make peace in the house, does her own thing, and seems the most normal one of all. Who would have thought? I don't have much to say about Vinnie except that he, along with Jenni, may be the only things good about this show.

More next week if I can stomach it.

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