Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Bachelorette — Episode 10 (I declare Ben the winner!)

Love or nothing. That’s what J.P. said he was going to experience on The Bachelorette. Ultimately, he got the girl and the love. Sweet Ben got nothing.

However, I am declaring Ben the winner. Now, he can actually find real love … not some TV two-month stunt love. Ben, ultimately, showed class and very little anger at Ashley. Hurt feelings, yes. He has been my favorite for the last several episodes and watching him on the final show just sealed the deal. Honesty, I think he got the better end of this deal, and he’ll see that as time goes by. Ashley is spoiled and needy.

Let’s recap a little. This was the show where Ben and J.P meet the parents, have a final date, pick the ring, and possibly propose. Unbelievably, Ashley actually got two proposals. They were both “smitten” and had declared their love for her. I am hoping Ben can be the next bachelor, but he’s probably too sweet and nice and noncontroversial. Bring on Bentley or Ryan P.!

J.P.’s visit with Ashley’s family didn’t go so well. The parents seemed to like him, but the sister was not into him. She didn’t think Ashley was herself around him and he didn’t bring out the “fun” Ashley. He was too grown-up, demure and serious. Makes me like him more. And, their final date didn’t seem to go so well either. Serious and boring.

ABC was setting me up! They thought I would believe that J.P. wasn’t the chosen one. Sorry ABC, you need better “leak” coverage. The spoilers were all right.

However, Ben’s visit with the family went exceedingly well. The whole family loved him. They thought he fit right in. The sister felt like he and Ashley were a great match. Then, the date … a sexy mud bath where they rubbed mud all over other, and in Ashley’s case, all over herself. I almost couldn’t watch. She literally made a lewd comment about Ben. She couldn’t keep her hands off of him. I’m wondering how J.P. felt watching that scene?

Ashley confessed it was a battle of her heart vs. her head. J.P. … Heart. Ben … Head. The heart should probably win each time, so I don’t blame her for her choice.

At the rose ceremony, Ashley looked “bridal” in her off-white dress. Both guys looked great. Ben shows up first, so we’re sure he’s headed home. Before Ashley can speak, and obviously before he noticed the look on her face, he gets down on one knee and proposes. YOU know this is not going to turn out good for him (thanks spoilers), and it’s heartbreaking to know what is coming next. He doesn’t say much except that he is very shocked and walks away (he SHOULD be shocked after the mud bath date … what guy wouldn’t think he was the one?).  Ashley chases him down and wants to tell him how great he is and on and on, and he tells her not to sugarcoat it. He just wants AWAY at that point. He gets away, never cries and handles it well. Ashley cries and, honesty, seems to feel bad. I will give her that.

After lots of kissing and handholding, J.P. had to know what was coming next. He declares his love again, and she declares hers, REO Speedwagon is back on, and he proposes. She accepts. All’s right on The Bachelorette.

On the after show, Ashley says she wants to live a humble life, and they are going to  live in New York (his hometown). I really hope they are happy together. That is sincere. I do believe everyone deserves a shot at love.

Next up, Bachelor Pad? Should I or shouldn’t I? I will watch one episode and see ..

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