Sunday, August 21, 2011

Big Easy Brides 2011 (episode 1)

Big Easy Brides is a new show on WeTV, so I'm going to give blogging about it a try. I'm going to change my blogging habits, slowly but surely, to "relationship or wedding" shows. That's why there will be no more Jersey Shore after this year. I will continue to blog about Bridezillas, and that update will be tomorrow with Suzy, Nicole and Brittany. I'm behind in my Bridezillas blogging because of personal reasons, but I will be getting back on track this week.

Big Easy Brides is about the French Quarter Wedding Chapel in New Orleans, and their motto is "anything goes." It's open 24 hours a day and they do weddings on the fly as well as planned nuptials. It's owned by Tony Talavera (who performs the ceremonies) and his wife, Lou Ann. The staff includes the sarcastic Maria, the wedding planner; sweet Dana, the musician; the incomprehensible Gino, security guard; and the know-it-all new girl, Mia, the photographer.

The show proclaims that New Orleans is the "romance capital of the world" ... Really? Really? I was thinking Paris, but what do I know.

In this episode, we get to know (kinda) four couples. First there is Luke and Veronica, who seem very much in love and want a Small Family Wedding at the chapel. What we don't know at first is that Luke's mom is going to try to bust up the wedding because Luke and Veronica are second cousins. Ewwww! The wedding goes on, so I guess it's legal.

Then there is Damian and Biba who want a Pub Crawl Wedding. Basically, they get married en route through a bunch of bars in New Orleans. The lovely evening ends with the bride drunk and throwing up and the groom getting in a fight.

And, in the middle of the night for an immediate 2 a.m. wedding, storms in Jasmine and Michael. Jasmine really wants this to happen. However, when the wedding planner wants to take Michael in the back and help him get ready, Jasmine shows her jealous streak. And, then to make sure drunken Jasmine has a little hissy fit, Maria flirts with Michael and gets him to show off his muscles (he's a personal trainer, of course). The whole drunken group ends up getting thrown out, but I am going to blame this one on Maria.

And, finally, the wedding to end all weddings. The Trailer Park Wedding to be held, you guessed it, outside the couple's trailer in their trailer park. It's exactly like it sounds. As sweet as Selena and Bobby are, this wedding is almost indescribable. Tell me which of these things below would have given away the theme.

1. Bride has bad teeth (sorry, it's true) and is wearing a pink dress from a second-hand store. She also has on flip-flops.
2. The groom doesn't have a suit or even a nice pair of khakis.
3. The wedding is outside with lawn chairs. None of which match. Some do recline though.
4. There are two grown men sitting in kiddie pools.
5. The male guests are wearing shorts, carrying beer cans, and are really, really sweaty.
6. Female guests are actually smoking during the ceremony.
7. When the trailer park owner decides there will be no alcohol at the wedding, the 20 guests dwindle to three. One of which is just standing there. He's not even enjoying a lawn chair! I'm not sure he even knows where he is ...
8. There is a raunchy boob cake.
9. There are beer cans tied to the back of the couple's four wheeler.
10. The bride's closest friends seem to be the staff of the wedding chapel.

This show is interesting, and I may continue to blog about it. I'm not crazy about some of the staff members, but the couples could be interesting and the owners seem a little quirky. And, I always like that.

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