Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jersey Shore 2011 - Episode 3 ... Twinning

This episode with the not-really-kids-anymore Jersey Shore gang was full of the "ick" factor. Let's recap all the trashy moments.

1. Deena tries to pick up or talk to or give her number to an Italian "Lean Cuisine" waiter at a restaurant. She's halfway successful because he shows up later at the bar where she and the rest of the gang are partying. She takes him home to cuddle, while Vinny and Pauly D try to give her some space, and the guy ends up sneaking out in the middle of the night. Running for his life.

2. After Mike (an episode back) tells Ronnie he has "hooked up" with Snooki while she was with her current boyfriend; Ronnie decides to pay him back for last season and tell Sammi and Jenni. It takes Jenni approximately five seconds to tell Snooki. Snooki denies it. Mike says it's true. I don't know. Or care. However, this is probably what will end her relationship with Jionni. Just guessing here.

3. Mike has a stalker, and it's twins. Brittany, the loose one, and Erica, supposedly the virgin. So, we see Erica go from hanging on her own sister to hugging on Mike to kissing Deena (yes, Deena). She actually ends up going home with Deena. However, Deena leaves the room for one minute, and Erica has moved on to Vinny, then back to Deena when she returns and then back to Vinny when Deena changes her mind. Every time I watch this stuff, all I can think about are the poor parents. What are they thinking? These girls are really, really sleazy. And, I'm  including Deena in that bunch.

4. Ronnie and Sammi are back together. Let the fireworks begin. And because of this hook up, Pauly D has the best line of the night ... "If you are thinking suicide over someone else's relationship, that's how bad it is."

More next week.

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