Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bachelor Pad 2011 — Season Premiere

This is the first time I’ve watched this show, so I haven’t blogged about it nor did I understand the rules until this episode. I watch (not sure I’m a fan) The Bachelor and The Bachelorette shows, so this seemed like a good “blog fit” for me.

However, you know Winston Churchill’s famous quote … “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” That could be about me … and watching anything with the word “bachelor” in it. I hated the season with Jake and Vienna (they are both fame hungry egomaniacs), and now I’m basically forced to watch them all over again on the Bachelor Pad. Same drama, same crap. I should have known.

Now about the show. Basically, it seems to pair up couples for contests (pick your poison), and then sends the winners on dates for possible love connections. The group also gets to vote off two contestants each week (guys vote off the girls, and girls vote off the guys). That’s how I understand it.

Here’s a few other things I learned about this year’s cast:
  1. Kasey and Vienna are a couple, considered the “power couple” on the show. We all know Vienna, and Kasey is the goofball that got the tattoo on Ali’s season. He is a sucker as well as a weirdo.
  2. Jackie hates Michelle.
  3. Gia hates Vienna.
  4. Vienna “still” hates Jake. I’m thinking there’s something else going on there.
  5. Erica hates work.
  6. Holly hates commitment.
  7. Blake (remember him from this past bachelorette?) calls Erica a “little thick” for him. I agree she’s thick in the head. But, does he think that this skinny girl is fat?
  8. Rated R Reality Star Justin is still a joke.
  9. And then there are the others: Graham, Alli, Michael, Ella, Kirk, Melissa, William and our sweet Ames. Ames barely speaks in this cast of misfits. Why is he here?
  10. And, BTW, Ames has made an early love connection with Jackie. All good, I guess.

The couples pair up for the first contest. The guys are in a harness and they literally have to hold on to their partner (suspended in mid air) as long as possible. Last couple hanging wins. The final two, it figures, are Jake and Jackie and Kasey and Vienna. I found myself cheering for Jake and Jackie. They win. Vienna acts like a big baby, blames Kasey, causes drama, whatever. She is using this guy, just like she used Jake to get her 15 minutes.

Jackie and Jake go on a date. As part of the date, they get to give a rose to someone at the house and “save” them from elimination. It was almost unbearable to watch Jake give the rose to Vienna … supposedly trying to make amends. I think they still have feelings for each other. I also think it was a stupid move. We’ll see if it comes back to haunt him.

The rest of the show (freakin’ whole hour; it was pure torture) is spent watching the players strategize about whom to vote off. Justin and Alli end up getting the most votes, and they have to leave. Justin acts really classy, refuses to say goodbye, steals Jake’s rose, typical stuff .. while Alli just goes away. We’ll forget about her soon enough.

I think, as a contestant on this show, you have to form alliances or really fly under the radar. If my radar theory is true; congratulations to Ames.

Next week, I will try to watch again.

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