Monday, July 30, 2012

The Bachelorette Emily Maynard .. Finale Recap (July 22, 2012)

Jef met the parents first. He does the right thing … flowers for mom and sis, make nice with the brother, asks for Dad’s blessing.
Arie goes up next (why bother, right?), but the whole family likes him, too.
I would bet the family would like Sean, and Chris and even Ryan. These things always go well. Remember Courtney?
Dad and brother believe it is not possible to love two men at once. Emily says she never though so either … but she is!
Until the next day when she spends the day with Jef. She keeps insisting that “he gets me.” They have time with Ricki (say goodbye, Arie) and then an evening alone.
Arie is done for. She tells Chris Harrison she can’t have the final date with Arie. She knows Jef is the one for her. She’s crying the whole time.
She goes to break the news to Arie … but lets him kiss her and rub a “love potion” on her arm before she finally breaks down crying and tells him “I love someone else a little bit more.” A LITTLE BIT MORE. Did you hear that Jef? 
It was painful to watch Arie profess his love (prior to the date) knowing what was about to happen. Even on the “after show” he admits still having feelings, searching her out in North Carolina (off camera) and then allowing his friend JEF to talk him through it. Wow, Jef is either crazy or unbelievably awesome. And, excuse me, but if Arie really reached out to Emily privately ... why didn't he keep it that way?
Back to the show, Arie (and I) did appreciate that she didn’t put him through the pain of a rejected proposal. He’s upset, but he handles it pretty well.
I think she wants forgiveness from Arie, but I don’t think she’s going to get it. Arie feels “stupid” … all the guys say that. The girls always wonder “What is wrong with me?”
Then we hear Emily wondering if she should get engaged. Is she ready? Should she wait? All that is out the door after Jef gets down on one knee and proposes.
This whole show could have taken place in 30 minutes. Thanks for the two hours ABC.  I'm anxious to see who the new "Bachelor" is ... Some say Roberto or Sean. I'm still going with Arie. We'll see.

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