Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Bachelorette (Emily Maynard) June 25, 2012

They are in Prague.

At this point, I think the guys are enjoying each other as much as anything. Who wouldn't be? Traveling the world with a group of your buddies ... FREE. They want to hang in there for the ride. Emily is simply a sidebar. I've watched this franchise forever (I know, I know), and I think this group of guys has gotten along as well as any group of girls or guys ... better than any really. I'm glad they are enjoying each other because Emily is no fun.

Arie gets the first one-on-one date with the "woman of his dreams" ... yawn ... really? And, Emily feels like she is "vacationing with my husband."

But Arie has a secret. The producers played it up, but it was a non-event. Arie went out, it seems very casually, with one of the producers on the show and she finally tells Emily. He explains it away ... off camera of course. Then, they kissed and made up and rode off into the sunset together and lived happily ever after. We didn't have to watch any more of the painful "endings" of "relationships" with the other guys. And, never heard from Emily or Arie again. I wish.

I have a sneaking suspicion that if HE's the GUY and they GET MARRIED, we'll get to watch it all LIVE.

Next one-on-one is with John. He doesn't seem to be able to "step up" and really tell her what she wants to hear. Emily really wants the guys to kiss her and love on her and make her feel special. This girl needs attention. You better give it to her. And, better now than later. But, he can't do it. No chemistry. Barely any conversation. He says he wants to take Emily home to meet his parents ... he thinks.

The group date is with Sean, Doug and Chris. Chris is edgy. He wants more time alone. He is acting out. Acting very YOUNG. Sean gets Emily alone and kisses her. We all know that guarantees him a trip to next week. Doug, so sweet and humble (quit hating on him, people!), has a hard time getting physical ... he's a old-fashioned guy and this group mugging is not his style. She gets him alone, and he does give her a quick, awkward kiss because he knows she is looking for this ... but she sends him home anyway. Too little too late. She's in a hurry Doug! She needs a husband! Now! I feel sorry for this guy. She was not nice to him. He will find a girl out there ... not too worry.

Back at the house, John, who is kinda funny ... can't decide if it will be worse if Chris gets the group date rose or doesn't. He doesn't. Sean, the make-out man, is the victor.

Then, Jef gets a one-on-one date. They have this weird marionette play, but he makes Emily really laugh and scores points for thinking of Ricki and getting her a marionette, too. She definitely has chemistry with Jef, and he's easy to talk to and he has a calming, pleasant personality.

So, at the rose ceremony ... we prepare for the hometown dates and the FINAL FOUR are Chris, Jef, Arie and Sean. No surprises. The spoilers were all right.

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