Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Bachelorette (Emily Maynard) July 9, 201

It’s the final time the four of them will be together. I’m so glad. I can’t take much more of this. Really, two hours of this is TOO long. 
Emily is struggling between Sean the Hunk, Jef the Monk, and Arie the Punk.
SeanSean gets the first day-long date. They take a helicopter … finally a helicopter! They sit on the beach and it’s almost painful to watch Sean holding back. He wants to say it. He says it to the camera (he actually does love the camera, he is a model after all.) He feels like it should say it. He’s there. The producers are watching it. Emily needs it. He’s one of the final three already! But it’s hard to say something you really don’t feel. 
Cue to the evening date, Sean reads Emily a letter that he wrote for her daughter, Ricki. Sweet but … not … really … about … Ricki. Kinda short too.
Finally, Sean says “I have fallen in love with you.” Not the same thing as “I love you.” He is really having a hard time with this. I think he wants to feel it and thinks he should feel it, but I don’t think he is feeling it.
She gives the Fantasy Suite key to Sean (now we know this is how it’s going to work) and waits for Sean to say “I’d like to spend more time with you.” She describes Sean as “So hot and so manly.” They spend time in the hot tub, hang out some more, and then Emily sends him home. She’s a mom and does the right thing to set a good example.
JefJef gets to go on a boat ride. They have a comfortable day. Emily says Jef gets her like no one gets her. They definitely have an easy relationship. There’s no holding back for Jef. He’s feeling the love and he’s telling her, the producers, the boat captain, the fish, anyone who will listen.
Later that day, he’s the one asking the questions. He wants to know where they would live. She says wherever he wants, but maybe a fresh start somewhere new. Is she thinking Hollywood? He wants to know why other relationships haven’t worked out. She blames the fact that “it” was missing. Whatever that special something is. She tells Jef he makes her laugh and he makes her feel self-confident. 
And, finally he asks her, “Am I a good fit for Ricki?” And, she thinks he would be a perfect fit. She tells him that when she was home, between “bachelor trips” the one person she could imagine herself and Ricki with each morning was Jef.  
She offers him the Fantasy Suite key, and in the nicest way possible, he turns her down out of respect for her daughter, her family, his family, his dog (OK, maybe not the dog) and says he‘s hoping for many nights in a fantasy suite of their own. Nice.
He says to the camera that it’s time to “bridle their passions.” I guess he hasn’t seen her with Arie. 
ArieAnd, Arie, who gets to swim with the fishes. Literally, the dolphins. He calls “Emily” the love of his life. He admits it’s hard to talk to her because he is always kissing her. Yep. They have chemistry. 
But they have a talk at dinner, finally. She wants to know a few things about him and it’s pretty clear … they are very different. He doesn’t like to be alone. He eats out every night. He has lots of friends. He travels a lot. He sleeps in. Their lifestyles are very different. He's a party boy, and she's a mom. Hmmmm ...
Despite all of that, he says what Emily wants to hear when it comes to Ricki … he would try to be her friend first before a dad. On and on. Emily likes it. She seems to ignore the party about his frat-boy lifestyle ... 
She doesn’t offer him the Fantasy Suite key. Doesn’t trust herself.
It’s pretty obvious what’s going to happen next even though they all get one last chance with a “video of love.” Emily cries because this is so hard.  She realizes it takes heart break to find the person you are supposed to be with but she doesn’t want to be the one to teach that lesson. Too bad. You signed up for this.
And, then there are two roses. Jef gets the first one and Arie gets the second. Sean handles it all very well. Emily cries. He makes a very classy exit. Two weeks after this was over … I’m sure he was wiping the sweat off his forehead and thanking his lucky stars that he dodged that bullet. I like Sean so I’m glad he made it out.
Things to note:
  • Emily has lots of bikinis.
  • Emily has enhanced more than her teeth.
  • Emily shouldn’t wear her hair pulled back. And that choice of skirt for the final rose ceremony was unfortunate.
  • How do you cry and not mess up your makeup? Who can do that? Emily!
My predictions:
Easy. Jef is the winner. Arie is a future bachelor. He will be even creepier when kissing EVERYONE. Get ready.

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