Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Bachelorette (Emily Maynard) July 2, 2012

"I could really be in love with some of them," says Emily prior to the hometown dates. That's great news because she's about to be engaged to one these guys! Who knew this could happen?

Just want to point out a few things about the hometown dates and Emily before the show summary:

  • Emily (throughout this entire season) is constantly licking her front teeth. This is common with someone who just got braces off or perhaps has new veneers or caps. Thoughts on that? Anyway, it's so annoying. I just had to point it out.
  • No divorces among the parents of the guys who made it to the hometown dates. 
  • Two of the final four seem to come from VERY wealthy families. Hmmmm ....
  • Two of the final four have parents from different countries. 
  • Only one of the final four is a southerner, and Emily is VERY southern. 
  • Sean is not that funny.

First, she visits Chris in Chicago ... he's a first generation Polish American so he knows "all the Polish places" says Emily. He seems to have a great family and has two sisters. One of the sisters, who seems a little worried about this process, as they all should be, told Emily to "end it sooner rather than later" if it wasn't working out. Smart girl. Chris tells Emily he's in love with her. I literally screamed at the TV, "NO!" I knew this wouldn't end well.

Jef was up next ... on to Salt Lake City. He's quite the marksman, and he takes Emily to shoot skeet. Then to meet his large Mormon family. (Not sure if that will weigh into her decision, but I believe his parents are quite involved in the Church.) His family farm or land or whatever it was insane. Those people have some money. They were very nice, lots of kids, open to Emily.

Then Arie in Scottsdale, Arizona. Emily seemed to be the happiest to see him. No doubt. He's a race car driver like his daddy and her took her for a ride in an Indy car. I know nothing about this sport so that's all I can say. She said he looked "stupid hot" but I will settle for "stupid." Maybe she meant "super hot?" Whatever. This guy does nothing for me, and I can't stand the way he can't keep his hands to himself. But, Emily likes it. Who would have thought it? She is definitely the most happy with Arie.

At his parents' house, it's obvious Mom rules the roost. She asked lots of questions ... especially about Brad. Wow. Emily was in the hot seat. She's going to have to get past the mother to get to Arie.

Finally a visit to Sean in Dallas, Texas. Sean and his family played some really funny jokes on Emily ... they acted like Sean still lived there and showed her his messy room and then served up a cooked armadillo for dinner. I'm not kidding. But, I liked his parents. His family seemed very nice and pretty normal except for the bad jokes. Sean chased her SUV down for a last kiss as she drove away. Ahhhhh shucks.

So .... it's down to the final three as Chris is eliminated.

"I don't know what to say," says Emily. And, then she goes on to explain how the other relationships were just moving faster.

Chris gets testy and says, "I told you I loved you. How much faster could the others be moving?" I guess he hasn't seen Arie at work. Then, he calms down and wishes her the best. He's hurt.

Well, he won't be the only one. I am glad he escaped. He will be fine.

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