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The Bachelorette (Emily Maynard) June 11, 2012

And then there were 10.

Plus Emily. Plus Ricki. Plus Chris.

Even Chris Harrison is now saying it. The word that usually scares most men. Not these guys. Not these bachelors. They want the title. Husband. Emily wants a husband. Emily wants a husband! She says that more than she says love. Or companion. Or friend. Or marriage. 

Emily has a one-track mind.  She’s not a modern woman. She’s not an interesting woman. She doesn’t have a career as far as I can tell (being on reality shows to find a husband is not a career!) I really don’t see what the guys see in her except a ticket to being The Bachelor. Poor Emily. She’s a pretty, very simple, very boring, girl. I am struggling to stay awake, struggling to appear slightly interested, wondering if the reality world cares if we bloggers document this season at all.

My boyfriend even says Emily is hot but oh-so-boring. I make him watch this show with me every week and he still likes me. He’s a good guy.

Anyway ….

Her first one-on-one date is with Sean. He really is a great guy. Seems genuine. Emily says “good guys that look like you are usually boring.” Wow, the same could be said of her, and it would be TRUE. On their evening date, Emily calls him “marriage material,” which doesn’t sound good for Sean. I like him enough that I don’t want him to win. He thinks love could be there. However, Emily is not looking for love, she’s looking for a husband. Get that through your thick meatheads, guys.

Sean gets a rose.

On the group date, the guys are required to perform Shakespeare. Some get to play Romeo (including Ryan) and some get to play the nurse (like Arie and Doug). Travis shows his funny side, “Shakespeare is huge in Mississippi.” The outfit that Ryan is wearing during the rehearsals should have been sent home. What is with the scarf?

They perform in front of an audience, and they all get the laughs. Doug and Arie show their feminine sides. Arie has a wig. Doug gets a hat. Kalon is too serious. Emily is a terrible actress. Doug and Travis have some fun. John gets a kiss from one of the guys and gives it a “two out of three because it was wet and warm but a little rough.” Arie, surprising, is a little nervous. Ryan is excited … because he gets to kiss Emily.

Later, they are in the pub. And, Arie … true to form … is kissing Emily in about two seconds. Then, Ryan, gets her alone. And, Emily, tells him he is “trouble.” Ryan says, “When a girl tells you that you are trouble and then smiles when she says it, she usually wants to get in trouble.” He gives her a necklace, and a kiss. Emily is falling for his act. He is a charmer. I hope they end up together.

Kalon, who is a joke, says Emily has “baggage” referring to her daughter. Doug tells Emily. So …. Kalon gets to go home. He doesn’t seem too upset, although Emily is very upset.  Kalon reiterates that her having a child is a responsibility, and she says it is a “blessing.” I, as a mother, say it is both. Emily is a little unreasonable. Having children is a responsibility and she is unrealistic if she doesn’t see it as such. 

He tries to talk. She won’t let him (as he did this to her earlier …  so good for her.)  Kalon acknowledges he is not the right guy for her.

Emily is mad because no one told her about Kalon saying that Ricki was baggage. However, Doug did tell her. I don’t get it.

No one on the group date gets a rose.

Final one-on-one date is with Jef. They have annoying tea lessons, then dinner at a pub. Then dessert up high in some tower thing. Jef talks too much, but he tells Emily he wants a partner in life. Unconditional love. One and on. He is definitely trying to win her attention.

Jef gets a rose.

Emily gives everyone the third degree at the rose ceremony. Wants to know who has her back. Eventually, Doug, Ryan, Chris, John, Travis and Arie get roses. Alejandro gets sent home. Finally, it's over. I was so glad!

More next week.

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