Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Bachelor 2012 Season Finale

“I win! I win!,” screamed Courtney as Bachelor Ben got down on one knee to pop the question to his “forever” gal Courtney in the scenic mountains of Switzerland.

Wait a minute. She said “I love you.” She meant “I won this damn game.” She crinkled her nose, touched her shiny forehead, brushed back her stringy hair (with those weird gloves … what was up with that?), and accepted his proposal with a kiss. He professed his love, and she hers. All in the name of real love in eight weeks or less.

And so goes the season finale of “The Bachelor” with one of the worst kept reality show secrets of all time as Ben picks Courtney as his betrothed. Courtney, the model we all love to hate. And, not because she’s pretty (she’s not THAT pretty) and not because she’s skinny (she is skinny) … it’s because she’s rude and hateful and boring and full of herself.

Anyway, the whole show was shot in the typical foreign land (with helicopters and sleds and limos oh my). The typical "I'm in love with both of these women." But, he wasn't really. The slight emotional turmoil that Lindzi was in was just a subplot to the storyline of Ben and Courtney. It was obvious that he was all about Courtney. Ben wasn’t even nervous when his mom and sister, Julia, met Lindzi. She was sweet and got along with them just fine, and he didn’t even really care. He was worried about Courtney. Julia had her misgivings, and surprisingly, they all flew out the window when she met Courtney. Mom and sister adored her.

Now, I’m trying to remember their perspective. They only spent a few moments with her, and a snake can be charming for even a minute or two. And even Ben. He never saw what the girls saw. I have to keep telling myself that. He just kept seeing MODEL. Hearing the word MODEL. In a few weeks, men aren’t thinking personality; it’s just a physical attraction.

But, unfortunately for Ben, he got a TV wake up call when the show aired. During the “after the rose” show, it was revealed that their relationship was in turmoil because of her shenanigans on the show … it must have been like a blast of cold water in the face (not really just a blast but a complete hosing) for Ben to watch those many moments of Courtney’s cruelty …. To see her reaction to the other girls … her unforgiving nature … to see her say “Ben’s not the only guy out there” and “kill shot” when speaking of the other girls. Talk about a rude awakening. I had to feel sorry for the guy.

So, during the after show, we had to witness a painful reunion … how Courtney felt abandoned (who cares … she can thank herself for any bad karma that comes her way) and Ben looking scraggly and admitting breaking off the relationship and … probably feeling duped. As of now, they are still engaged kind of … neither seemed very sure about this. I don’t give it much time, and I doubt there will be a wedding in the future.

What a miserable season. It was painful to watch this nice guy get taken for a ride. We’ll see what happens to sweet and innocent Emily Maynard on “The Bachelorette.” Is she for real? Or will we see a new “reality show” Emily ready to take on 25 ridiculous guys who aren’t really looking for love but their 15 minutes of fame? If she’s as sweet as she pretends to be, she’s going to get heartbroken, and if not, the rest of us will be.

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