Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Bachelor 2012, Episode 5

Ben and his girls are in Puerto Rico, and as one of my fellow employees pointed out, it is reminiscent of the final scene in “Silence of the Lambs” and as another pointed out, “Maybe Ben will eat Courtney.”

Unfortunately, it almost seemed the other way around.

The first date goes to Nicki, and they spend a rain-soaked day wandering the streets, then buying new clothes, and then an evening unburdening themselves of her lost marriage and his whatever. I had a hard time paying attention. She did get a rose.

Then, the group date was an invitation teasing that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and it was actually a baseball diamond. They got to go through drills, then select teams then play a game with Ben as the pitcher. I was surprised that many of these girls are athletes … most of them. Not Casey S. Lindzi, thanks to Ben, got to play for both teams. That meant she got to go on an evening dinner date with Ben and the “winning team.” The losing team ended up in tears and cussing and lots and lots of blaming.

The other individual date when to the personal trainer, Elyse, and Ben wasn’t feeling it during dinner … so she went packing. The tears didn’t keep Ben from sending her home. “What did I do wrong?” … she asked. Why do women always ask that question? Like, somehow, if a man doesn’t like you, it is your fault. Maybe it is his fault. Maybe he isn’t worth the effort. Maybe there was no chemistry for either of you. Maybe you didn’t do anything wrong. Maybe you are too strong, too nice, too virginal, too sweet, too smart, too ambitious, too hard-working, too pretty, too awesome for him!

Anyway, I will let that go.

Later in the evening, Courtney, unfortunately, caught Ben in a vulnerable moment (after the Elyse incident) and talked him into skinny-dipping. She didn’t tell the other girls. Neither did he. He later seemed to feel a little guilty about it and said that he and Courtney shared an “intimate moment” but he didn’t want it to keep it from remembering there were other girls around. Hmmmm …

Ben. Ben. Ben. You are a bad boy.

Courtney. Courtney. Courtney. We know what you are.

At the rose ceremony, I was hoping he might send her home and put all the spoilers to shame, but I’m worried that Ben might be an old-fashioned guy and feel he has to marry the girl he has done the deed with … so Jennifer got the boot.

We’ll see what  happens. A short recap this week because I had a hard time watching this train wreck, and Ben is still boring me.

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