Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Bachelor 2012, Weeks 2, 3, 4

I'm have to admit. I just can't get into The Bachelor Ben this season. I picked it as a show to blog about and I've recorded every episode but, as my twisted version of the saying goes, I'm just not that into him. I'm not sure I care who "wins" or he "picks" or he ends up "engaged" to. The truth is that this way of finding love does not work. The statistics prove it, so I can't buy into that concept and all the "looking for love" crap. It's just a show with winners and losers. And, the winner will get her 15 minutes or 24 hours or a lifetime of .... fame for what that's worth. For "winning" a reality show. She won't find love. Ben needs to look elsewhere for his future wife.

So, because I'm a fail at blogging about this show, although I will try to during the next few episodes ... my friend, Matthew, is not. He's the one, for the love of his wife and her love of this show, created a "March Madness-type" game for the show each year where you can pick the winner. I must admit I'm pretty good at it, and have finished in the Top 5 each year, although I've yet to win. I won't win this year either, but I may again finish strong. I've heard through the spoilers that one of my least favorites is the winner ... so I'm pretty sure Ben and I are both going to be the losers this year.

Anyway, back to Matthew, he's a devoted husband and to entertain his wife and her friends ... he blogs about the show. Because he's done so, and I've been a fail ... I'm going to link you to his recaps ... until I can get back in the game.

Here they are:

Thanks for checking out both our blogs!

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