Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Eve Eve Reality TV Likes and Loathes

I've been blogging about reality TV for awhile now, and there are some shows I've come to accept, others I love, and others I loathe. One of my New Year's resolutions (I have plenty) is to only watch those shows I halfway enjoy and leave the others to the masses. I'm probably going to blog about "The Bachelor" because, once again, a guy in my office is coordinating our annual "Bachelor game" where we try to pick the winner. I'll probably still blog about brides, and I'm looking for a new show or two. Send me your suggestions.

To end this year with a whimper and a cry of "uncle, uncle" ... I'm going to list the shows I loathe and wish would go away, and the shows I love ... and may continue to actually watch.

Top 10 Reality Shows I Loathe 
1. Anything with a Kardashian - This is too easy. Everyone dislikes them yet they are still on TV. If I see them on E, I change the channel. I won't buy a magazine with one of them on the cover. I can't see how they offer any redeeming value to society, and I won't encourage it. I hate that I'm even mentioning them here.
2. Anything with a "wife" - Basketball wives, housewives, mob wives ... I don't care whose wife you are or have been or want to be ... no one I know or have ever known acts like these women. It's simply a screaming match on every episode. I used to watch "a little" but now I don't watch at all. It's not entertaining to see women scream at each other. It just gives me a headache.
3. Anything with a makeover or Ty Pennington - These just bore me to tears.
4. Toddlers and Tiaras - I don't want to watch these ridiculous women living vicariously through their children. I am not going to encourage television that, in some cases, almost promotes or shows child abuse. These women need to get their own lives and let their kids be kids. It's not about you, moms.
5. Dance Moms - That lady that leads the dance classes or owns the studio or whatever is abhorrent. I wouldn't put my daughter through that no matter how "good" of a dance teacher she is ... she doesn't understand children and is just plain rude to the moms and the kids. She needs to take a few dance classes herself instead of barking at everyone around her. Watched an episode or two. Won't do it again. Again, moms, get your own lives.
6. The Real World - I hope hope hope these kids don't act like this in their "real" lives. I'm worried they will never find jobs after they leave the show. I got news for them ... reality TV is not a job, it's trash entertainment. Don't do this to your lives.
7. Wife Swap and Trading Spouses - Really, really? This is just stupid. It always starts the same and always ends the same with everyone learning something. Maybe.
8. Celebrity Rehab - I actually can't watch this. After a few minutes, I have to change the channel. I can't stand to see these former "celebrities" suffering and the world watching and drooling just hoping to see meltdowns and screw-ups and bad behavior. I feel sorry for these people.
9. Big Brother - I will probably get some hate mail over this one. I think this show is boring.
10. Survivor - It has run its course. Thanks for the memories. Now, go away.

Top 10 Reality TV Shows I Love
1. House Hunters - This may not be exactly what people think of when they think of "reality" TV but I like to see houses in other parts of the country and world. I like to see the prices. I like to see why people move. I just like it all.
2. American Idol - I'm still a fan no matter who the judges are at any given time (although I am not always a fan of some of the judges). I actually like Ryan Seacrest.
3. Hoarders - I don't really like to see how these people are living since it is so depressing, but I like to see that they are getting help. And, I know there is a difference between being messy and having a mental disorder ... it's pretty easy to see the difference if you watch the show.
4. Intervention - Again, it's hard to watch sometimes, but I like the stories with the happy endings.
5. Bridezillas - Pure trash TV, but I love it. I will continue to blog about it.
6. Say Yes to the Dress - Again, love the brides and the dresses. I love Randy and most of the consultants. I just want to visit Kleinfeld's some day. One of my many stupid goals.
7. True Life - This show is about young people who live a certain way, want something or are struggling with something. I like to see how they handle the issues. It seems "real" to me.
8. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette - It's pure stupidity. This is not how you find love. The relationships don't last. It's just entertaining and ridiculous.
9. Sister Wives - I'm not crazy about Kody, but I like his wives just fine. They really seem like normal people except the women share the same husband. Doesn't make sense to me but to each his own. Sometimes this show is boring because they are so normal.
10. The Biggest Loser and Fat Camp - Losing weight is not easy. These people are really trying and letting everyone watch. I think it would be hard, so I appreciate them. I don't watch these shows much, but I actually think they can be encouraging to others.

So there they are. I'm probably forgetting a few. My Honorable Mentions that I couldn't decide if I loathe them or just tolerate them or maybe like them just a little include: Jersey Shore (I am not going to blog about it anymore but this show is insane), Relationship Rehab, Celebrity Fit Club, Scare Tactics, Cheaters (no, I really hate this show), Fear Factor and The Apprentice. For shows I like, Honorable Mentions include: Storage Wars, Parking Wars ... (pretty much any wars) ... The Amazing Race, Boiling Points and The A List.

So, is blogging about reality shows fun? Yes, but with work and kids and life, it's hard to watch the shows I need to watch and hard to do it as often as I would like. Do I hear from those I blog about? Yes, some are cranky ... but the "bridezillas" have all been great. That should tell you something.

Your turn. Tell me. Tell me. I want to hear from you. Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you on all of your "Shows I Love" list. Even though I'm embarrassed to admit this....I watch Toddlers and Tiaras for laughs sometimes.

Kelly said...

Thanks for your comments! Sometimes it's hard to resist those toddlers ... Can't blame you there!