Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sister Wives — Season 2011 Recap

Sister Wives — the Brown family that we love to hate.

Although I didn't blog about them regularly this season, I did watch an all-day marathon of this show this past weekend. Don't make fun. The marathon led up to the finale where Wife No. 4, Robyn, gives birth to a baby boy, Solomon, and then ... weirdly, offers herself as a surrogate to Wife No. 1, Meri, who only has one child. Don't they have enough relationship dynamics between them without the added stress of surrogacy?

Anyway, this season was about Kody living in and traveling from house to house in their new home-way-from-home ... SIN CITY, BABY ... Las Vegas. Doesn't seem an appropriate place for this "spiritual" family. The kids aren't happy, and the wives don't particularly like living so far apart (in Utah, they shared a home so the women saw Kody on a daily basis). And, they are trying to start a business ... and I think they've settled on fitness or a gym or something? (Not sure how they are making money now unless it's through appearances and the show or something related to the show.)

So, if they have settled on fitness, they have to get in shape. All the wives are now dieting or "eating healthy" and working with a hunky trainer. Wife No. 3, Christine, seems to really, really like him. Wife No. 2, Janelle (my favorite), is the most focused and admits she has the most weight to lose. I will give them all credit for openly sharing their struggles with weight for the world to see. Gutsy.

So, a new town, new homes, new business and a new baby. It's all about the "newness" this season. Oh, and one other thing, a little jealousy of the new "pretty" wife, Robyn. She's a little thinner, a little younger. The wives may not feel so special with her in the mix. Christine expresses her feelings of "not being special" anymore. Anymore?

In one episode, the women hit the town ... and then Kody does the same with a few buddies. BORING. This group does not know how to party. The women are shocked by the nakedness of Vegas. Really? Kody enjoys the sights ... he kinda said so.

Enough already. The season was not that exciting. It was like watching my neighbors. Nothing shocking or scary or sad. Just a normal family with normal issues.

Do I like the adults of this family (no judging children allowed)? Yes, I think I do. They are all nice people, very normal people is some ways. Do I understand or like their lifestyle choice? No. And, it's not a moral or ethical thing with me. Families today are so diverse ... nothing is surprising. And, I'm definitely a "to each his own" kind of person. If it makes you happy and doesn't hurt anyone, I'm fine with it. It's not a legal consideration for me either. I don't believe they are breaking the law. Kody is only legally married to Meri, so if the other three want to be his "wives" that is their choice. It's not a problem for me.

So why don't I like the plural wives concept? I, personally, would not want to share my spouse or partner with someone else. It isn't special if it's not just between two people. If he has a relationship with other women, you are not the "soulmate" or the only one or the chosen one or the wife or anything. You aren't the most special woman in his life. You never really know how he feels. Is he telling one of the others that she is the "one" or is he telling all the wives the same BS? Kody would say he has separate relationships with each wife. There's something that doesn't ring true there for me. Why does he want or need so many wives? Why do they want to share their husband?

As a woman, I feel like I deserve to have a man that loves me and only me. I want to feel special. I think the sister wives deserve that, too.

I know I can't love but one man. Obviously, the sister wives can't either. Can men really love more than one woman? Are men different? Does Kody really love them equally? Or is there one that really has his heart, and the rest are along to soothe his massive ego?

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