Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jersey Shore "Damage is Done"

I don't really understand men. And I really really don't understand Mike. To make Snooki like him or notice him (How old IS this guy?), he makes up his own perverted game of "telephone" ... Remember the game from your childhood where you whisper something to someone then they whisper it to someone else and so on and by the end of the game the story has changed? ... Only Mike calls it "Who's the rat?" He's trying to get the roommates to tell on him. So, he tells a lie to hurt Snooki. Say what? And waits to see who tells her. Now how does this help him? Don't they look like good friends to HER? What is his problem? The lie is that he called his friend The Unit (I'm guessing that is not his real name) and tells him to call Jionni and tell him that Snooki has been a bad, bad girl. Again, how does this, in any way, make Mike look good?

Gym, tan, who's the rat? The rat is Mike.

When Snooki doesn't fall into his arms and forgive him for his little prank, Mike threatens to really make the call. Somebody call the producers and tell them to tell Mike to shut up. This guy is the oldest most immature one of the bunch.

Movin' on. The guys take a trip to Sicily to visit Vinnie's family. No drama. Just hugs and wine and fun. The girls take a wine tour. All drama. Just tears and wine and crying.

We all know by now that Snooki did actually get a little tipsy and sleep with Vinnie. She claims she loves Jionni. Jenni tells her like it is and says, "Man up. If you loved Jionni, you wouldn't have slept with Vinnie." Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Jenni. The voice of reason. Snooki, never the voice of reason, says Jenni is not being a friend.

Poor little drunk Snooki has to fess up. Not once. Three times. To Jionni. We'll see more what happens next week. I'm not sure Jionni can take any more of her phone calls. He can't be sure what's coming next.

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