Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bridezillas - Ruby & Kim

Kim, 30, and her man, Walter, 32, have been together for 10 years. They have three kids ... and they are already married. They want to renew their vows. I will never, never, never understand why people want to renew their vows. They are already committed to each other. It's a done deal. I don't understand. Somebody help me.

For Kim, it's because she wants a "show" with a production going on around her. She's an event planner for a living so she wants to plan her own event that is all about her. What does she find the most stressful? Her bridesmaids. For some reason, they have lives that don't rotate around this ALREADY MARRIED PERSON.

She submits her bridesmaids to dance workouts. Forcefully removes gum from her sister's mouth. She's not a bridezilla, she is a housewifezilla. She's on the wrong show.

At her bachelorette party, a LINGERIE party, there is lots of liquor and the obligatory vulgar stripper ... this one is called "Night Train." Hell no.

On her weddding, her sister doesn't feel like getting out of bed to listen to Kim's constant demands ... so Kim dumps a bucket of ice or water on her head. NO ONE wants to wake up like that. So ... you guessed it ... a fight! Kim is scary crazy.

Ruby, 25, is marrying Chris, 26, and they live in Austin, Texas. She has supposedly lost some weight, so she's feeling good about herself. She looks fine. However, she don't act right.

First up, she heads to the tanning salon and two of her bridesmaids are no-shows. Ruby is pissed, and as she says, "Revenge is my second name." Not middle name, second name. So ... she heads to one of the bridemaids' apartments and the "no show" is sleeping because she has a job and had to work the night before. "No excuses" Ruby blasts her out of bed and forces her to go the salon. At the salon, Ruby is very, very worried that the salon owner (who is handling the tanning) will find her simply irresistible so she gives him the third degree about his personal life (the guy is married with kids and just wants her OUTTA there). He admits to being a little afraid of her.

Ruby puts her bridesmaids through a workout that she can't handle herself, and she stops in the middle of it. She claims she is "nice" for helping them out with their workouts and counting calories and all.

All in all, Ruby is a boring bride with a vulgar mouth. She worries about what other people are drinking or eating or wearing or looking at, but she probably should just listen to herself for two seconds. Is she the most vulgar bridezilla? Maybe not. One of the most? Yes. Her amazing wedding that she was so worried about has maybe 20 guests? I don't know. A pretty girl with a potty mouth ... that's Ruby.


Michael I said...

I was the DJ for this wedding, you can go to www.youtube.com/djtexnikal there you will find a video labled Ruby and Chris, and all the fun and dancing thay had, also.she really is a nice women...lol

Kelly said...

Thanks Michael for the info and the insight. It's nice to hear from someone who has a different viewpoint of a bridezilla.

Mystic Lover of Fairy Tales said...

I remember that episode , one part stands out they were on their to do Ruby's "work out" & one of the bridesmaids was eating a banana and Ruby just takes it from her and tosses it out the window so not only does she force her bridesmaids to get up at the crack of dawn for some unnecessary workout, but she throws out a perfectly healthy snack surprised the other girl didn't smack her