Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bridezillas - Kim & Kera

The wrath of Kim knows no bounds. One of her bridesmaids shows up (after the water on the head in the bed incident ... see previous blog), and Kim literally starts pushing her around. Monique had the nerve to miss a dress fitting for Kim's "one time deal." Really? THIS IS A RENEWAL OF VOWS. NOT A REAL WEDDING.

Kim does not like gum chewing. Do not chew gum around this girl. You will get a smack down. She left one of her bridesmaids on the side of the road for chewing gum.

This is the "Kim Show" ... her words, not mine. Everyone else is an extra. In her twisted analogy, "If Julia Roberts did a movie and all the extras quit, it would still be a great movie because she is Julia Roberts." OK. However, Julia Roberts would probably not want everyone to quit or treat everyone rudely because she doesn't want people to think she is a diva or hateful or difficult to be around. It would hurt her professional and personal life. Kim is no Julia Roberts.

When Kim's mom finally intervenes because everyone is complaining about Kim, even she caves to Kim and asks everyone to help Kim out for her "wedding" RENEWAL. I added that last part.

On Kim's wedding day, the hair stylist is no where to be found. Good idea. Kim is doing hair herself. She is so stressed she kicks the camera crew out.

Finally, the vows are renewed and the bride is wearing white. Really?

Kera, 23, and her fiance, Jason, 26, are from Bakersfield, California, but are getting married at the Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas. They are a modern couple and met on Myspace. She liked his huge muscles because it definitely wasn't his huge brain.When asked by producers to think of ONE THING he likes about her or sets her apart or makes her special, he can't even speak. He can barely remember his own name.

Kera and her mother and her maid-of-honor, Bre, go shopping for trinkets and stuff for the wedding, and Kera insists her maid of honor fork out the money. Bre's not happy, but she does it anyway.

At her make-up trial, Kera ends up in tears because her make-up doesn't look exactly like Christina Aguilera's make-up in Burlesque. Yes, that movie. Then she thinks her face looks fat. Not the make-up's fault. (This girl is thin, by the way.)

Later, it's time to make party favors or something, but Kera has the attention span of a gnat so she's bored in 15 minutes. She's taking a nap, and she wants everyone else to work. She and Bre get into it, and Bre storms out. Kera has to chase her down and, hopefully, apologize, but she won't do it in front of the cameras.

More on Kera in the next blog. I will try to catch up by tomorrow. I am so behind ...

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