Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bridezillas “Frankie & Ruby”

Frankie/Ray Rae
I can’t get this girl’s name right. Call her what you will. I’m going with Frankie.

Two days before the wedding between Frankie and Robbie, she doesn’t have a dress. She has to wait six days for a refund for the one dress before she can buy another dress … the FOURTH dress. Everyone is mad at her for her bad dress-buying-decision-making-free-spending. Frankie says everyone can help her by giving her money to buy THE FOURTH DRESS.

Mom caves. There’s a new dress.

And there’s also a bachelorette party. Frankie is mad because the bar won’t let her in free, so they head elsewhere with her entire entourage of 7 or maybe 8 people. BTW, the groom is tagging along.  At the bar, Frankie is acting like the drunken idiot she is … and an argument breaks out over who said “Excuse me” and who didn’t. Important stuff.

Finally, the wedding day arrives. Weirdly, Frankie is the only one with a key to the church, and she’s late. She’s sobbing as she is preparing to walk down the aisle because “no one is listening to me.” And, 45 minutes later, she’s still getting ready. Screaming at everyone where the whole church can hear her. Embarrassing her parents and herself.  Finally, the ceremony. Afterwards, chaos. Dad can’t take it any more and wants her to shut  her mouth. “You are embarrassing me and your mama … again,” he says. She’s cussing in front of God and the kids and everyone.

Glad that is done.

Of all the foul-mouthed bridezillas in the reality TV world, Ruby has got to be one of the worst. And she’s a nurse. I’m not saying that being a nurse makes you a saint, but doesn’t she have to deal with people all day long? Hasn’t she learned to control her potty mouth somewhat?

Ruby, 25, is marrying Chris, 26, in Austin, Texas. They knew each other in junior high, and have now reconnected. She’s lost “100” pounds or maybe it’s “50” (she’s not sure) so she’s feeling good about herself and it gives her the right to critique her bridesmaids. Nice.

Nurse Ratched has nothing on Nurse Ruby. She outlines duties, screams and cusses, makes her bridesmaids get on their knees (literally) and praise her. After that ridiculousness, she makes her bridesmaids “wrap” napkins. They have enough of that and ditch the fun. They are sick of her. Ruby breaks down in tears. She does have a heart. Maybe.

More on Ruby in the next “Bridezillas” update. Sorry I’m behind with my blogging. I will try to catch up by Friday of this week.

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