Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Big Easy Brides "River Boat Rivalry"

Wedding No. 1
Shantrelle and Aisha are a same sex couple who want a "pimp and ho" wedding at the French Quarter Wedding Chapel. I have no idea what that means. I'm assuming it's the way they are dressed and not the way they live their lives. Prior to the ceremony, Shantrelle feels that the wedding planner, Maria ... who is sitting comfortably close to Aisha on the couch and commenting on her pretty lips ... is getting a little too friendly. I agree. Really, Maria, get your own same sex friend.

Wedding No. 2
Lacee and John are a May - December romance. She's about 20 and he's ... oh ... maybe 80? I don't know. But, I'm sure it's love. Is he rich? Is she pretty? Are they in love? It's not for me to say. (It's not for the wedding chapel staff to say either and they were caught second guessing this love affair in the backroom by the bride.) In the end, the wedding between "Sweets" and "Honey Bee" went off without a broken heel or hip.

Wedding No. 3
Tennille and Kareem want a "levee wedding." Huh? Something about Katrina or a Hurricane. It's rained out. That makes sense.

Wedding No. 4
John and Sandra, the head of security and a "waitress" at a local strip club, showed up for their extra special bodypaint wedding. I hope she is 21. He is probably twice that. This wedding had all the traditional bridal apparel ... pasties, thongs, high heels and bodypaint ... for Sandra and her bridesmaids. Classy.

Wedding No. 5
Billy and Kari want a Mardi Gras themed wedding! Finally something that makes sense in New Orleans! The bride also wants the wedding on a riverboat, with ice sculptures, and white doves released during the nuptials, and beads, and dancing men, and dolphins swimming alongside the boat, and a masquerade ball  ... well, her unreasonable demands can't be met so she gets the riverboat, and a few drunk friends, and a bridesmaid in a dolphin floatie. She's still married in the end.

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