Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jersey Shore 2011 "Meatball Mashup"

Snooki is - season by season and slowly but surely - working her way through her castmates. First there was Vinny. Then, supposedly, Mike. Not sure about Pauly D. Anyone remember? Now, there is Deena. She doesn't discriminate. Watch out Sammi, Ronnie and Jenni ... you may be next.

But let's back up. The Jersey Shore crew headed to the Riccione beach for the weekend  ... them and their 16 suitcases for a 24-hour trip. On the first day there, the guys head out on their own for a pretty subdued outing while the girls want to wear their bikinis and get drunk. However, Sam and Jenni (the sanest of the bunch) get their fill of the drunken meatballs (that would be Deena and Snooki) soon enough and head home. Deena and Snooki find a party and continue their drinking. Deena dances so hard that here bikini bottoms literally fall off.

So .... the guys and Sam and Jenni head to dinner without the drunken twosome who eventually ... drunk as ever ... make their appearance. Then, the whole gang heads to the club. Deena, apparently never found her bikini bottoms, because she's giving everyone a show at the club. Then, because no boys are interested in either of them, Snooki and Deena spend the rest of the evening in the club ... on the ride home ... in the hotel ... and in their twin bed ... playing kissy face. Everyone is pretty sure that Snooki is just drunk, but maybe Deena swings both ways? Whatever. I don't care.

And, as Ronnie says, cheating is cheating is cheating. So, in everyone's eyes, except Snooki's and her very forgiving boyfriend, Jionni, it's not cheating when you are with Deena.

To close the show, we see Snooki rear-ending a police vehicle. They seemingly haul her and Deena to jail, while the policeman takes a ride in an ambulance.

We'll see next week.

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