Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bridezillas - Kim and Frankie

Three weeks of foul-mouthed Kim is all I can take. She and her entire brood can't say a sentence without using the F word, and all in front of her little daughter. All class this bunch. Even if they were doing it for the show, shame on them. Kim's promo for her stint as a bridezilla was, "You all suck!" I agree. They all do.

So we have drama here, drama there, drama everywhere with Kim. First up, the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. Kim screaming and fussing and cussing and on and on. At the dinner, one of her brothers refuses to sit next to one of her nephews because he "throws up and spits" so Kim's dad storms out. Then mom storms out. Then Kim storms out. Dad refuses to go back in because everyone is so disrespectful (and he's the picture of perfection himself) ... until he decides he needs a drink. Dad is crazy. Mom is psycho. There's a whole ward from an asylum here.

Oh yeah, the tuxedos. All the drama about the wrong size and the threats of bodily harm to the tuxedo store owner ended calmly when he showed these scholars how to loosen and tighten the pants. One phone call and all drama would have been avoided. But that wouldn't be any fun.

Kim and Jeremiah have a joint bachelor and bachelorette party where Josh, I believe he is the groom's brother, gets so drunk that he disrupts the entire event. This is new. Someone besides the bride getting drunk and actin' a fool on Bridezillas.

On the wedding day, there's a problem with the bus. It can't get turned around (after a wrong turn) and the bride threatens to take out an elderly woman who won't move her car. Nice. Finally, the wedding. Crazy dad and psycho mom walk her down the aisle. The groom looks a little emotional and can't take his eyes off of Kim while Kim is looking everywhere but at the groom. What's up? Dad sheds a tear. Finally, it's over. Good luck to this crew.

Frankie or "Ray Ray"
Frankie, 24, and her wife-beater-wearing fiance, Robbie, 24, (did he know he was being filmed?) are getting married in Youngstown, Ohio. After seven years together and two kids, they think it's time. Robbie says he was attracted to ... "Not the face. It was the butt."

Frankie claims to be royalty of Youngstown and continually compares herself to Kate ... yes Kate of Prince William and Princess Kate. "I'm the Kate of Youngstown. I have a tiara," she claims. And that proves it.

Like all the bridezillas before her, Frankie is foul-mouthed and loves to yell, scream, threaten and hit. Her first chance to come unglued is when her bridesmaids miss the party to put together her wedding favors. The next chance is when her wedding dress hasn't arrived (ordered from Paris) just a few days before her wedding. Never mind that it is her THIRD dress. Dress No. 1 ... not pretty enough. Dress No. 2 ... didn't fit. So we get dress No. 3.

Frankie's most offensive moment is when she demands $50 for something from Robbie's stepmother and she refused. Frankie lets loose with every expletive known to man and calls this poor woman every name in the book. Welcome to the family!

 More on Frankie next week ...

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