Monday, September 5, 2011

Bridezillas - Kim and Danielle

Daniellle, 37, and Virgil, 35, are about to walk down the aisle. They met in their hometown of Chicago and, according to Virgil, "She pursued me." According to Danielle, "He was not attractive." However, they now are a family and have a set of twins to raise (Danielle also has a 20-year-old daughter whose name is Daunjell ... not sure I got the spelling right).

Virgil admits his true feelings for Danielle right away, "I knew our relationship was going to last forever when she got pregnant." He doesn't know how true that really is.

Danielle likes to scream, cry and throw things. A typical bridezilla. She also likes to cuss. Another trait of a bridezilla.

Danielle enjoys the finer things in life. We know that because she told us. We find out right away that one of those "finer things" is a very inappropriate stripper at her bachelorette party. Her daughter can't believe what she is seeing and admits there was "stuff I didn't want to see."  Danielle admits she's not sure, but the stripper might have taken advantage of her. Her sister met him previously because he is a "server" who offers different "levels." OKaaaaay.

Danielle is late to her rehearsal dinner, so she then lectures everyone on how to behave and "walk softly" at her wedding day and in her presence. After the rehearsal dinner, she starts thinking about her cake (for the NEXT DAY) and wants to change the flavor at 10:45 p.m. She leaves a message for the bakery to make the cake carrot instead of chocolate. Don't think she got that.

On her wedding day, she misses her appointment with the photographer (this girl is always late) so she lashes out at everyone in sight, including the camera crew, and then breaks down in tears. Nevertheless, the wedding goes on and her colors are bright orange and red, but her cake is a "Tiffany box" theme ... light green. Doesn't. Really. Match.

However, it's done. She's done. Danielle gets one episode unlike ...

Kim is in her second episode of Bridezillas, and because she is one of those appalling and rare breeds of bridezillas (with a obnoxious family at her side), we know that she will be back next week.

I gotta agree with Kim here. She admits she is an "angry bitch" (her words) and so over-the-top because of her parents. Her mother is always saying "I'm dying" and exaggerating everything ... the problem with the tuxedos, her health, whatever. The momster interrupts Kim's nail appointment to tell Kim, "I'm throwing up blood. Your dad is freakin' out. I'm going to die." Kim says she is ALWAYS saying that so go on and "die already." This is a fun bunch!

OK, the problem with the tuxedos. They ordered them from some friend of Kim's dad, and they didn't have the right color vests so they got black vests. So what (and so much better than the "watermelon and guava" she actually requested). Also, the ties went to the wrong place so they are late. Additionally, her fiance's pants don't fit. Jerry, her fiance and a Pauly D talk-alike), also has a fit. They are a match!

Kim's brother, fiance and a whole bunch of other brawlers are prepared to go down to the "tuxedo store" and take this guy out. Her brother shows his support ... "I will violate my probation" to make sure Kim gets what she wants. Soup Gold.

Kim also is upset that her sister is sick and pregnant ... obviously a devious plot to ruin Kim's wedding day. She's afraid no one is coming to her rehearsal dinner. We'll find out later.

More on Kim and her new bridezilla counterpart next week.

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