Monday, June 13, 2011

The Bachelorette - June 13, 2011

If I was playing a drinking game and I had to take a shot every time the name Bentley was mentioned during this episode of The Bachelorette, I would be FLAT OUT on the floor.

Poor Constantine, and then the other guys on the group date, and then Ames ALL had to contend with Ashley's nonstop longing for a guy (that would be Bentley) she had just met, really didn't know at all and who didn't find her attractive. We had to hear over and over and over again what a bad week she had last week (her true love Bentley went home and William made fun of her at a ROAST). OK, enough already.

I was about to judge Bentley for leaving just a little too soon and miss the rain-filled trip to Thailand, but it looks like he's baaaack next week to torment Ashley some more. By the looks of the promos, he was smart enough to come back for a free vacation. Gotta give him credit for that. If I were guessing, I would say Ashley will say she is "over" him next week after confronting him one last time. We'll see.

Back to the guys tonight. I'm not sure what she sees in Constantine, but he bores me silly. I am starting to really, really like Ames (despite his choice in clothing) ... he does seem funny and genuine and he's great at getting Ashley to talk ... and he and Ashley have had the most "real" conversation on their one-on-one date. I didn't pick him for her, but he may be my favorite right now.

For the group date, the guys (and Ashley was there) painted and moved furniture and gave out toys to kids at an orphanage. It was an amazing gesture, and the guys seemed to really enjoy "giving back." However, these guys were acting like Ashley really planned this outing and then actually wrote the check. I think maybe the producers thought this event up? Maybe the show paid for the paint and the new soccer nets? I'm not positive, but I'm thinking I'm right here.

The guys were picking on Ryan P. because he's "too full of energy" and he shows leadership and he's always happy and Ashley seems to like him. Whatever. They are jealous, and he's still my choice for her. I like him. Who doesn't like to be around a positive person?

So, Ben F. got a kiss and rose from the group date. Constantine and Ames got roses from their one-on-one dates (but Ames didn't even get a kiss). Then, J.P got a kiss or two at the party (he's the best kisser says Ashley and she should know as she is trying to lock lips with all of them), and West ended up going home. No surprises except that only one guy went home at the end of the show.

We'll see what happens next week. Not sure where I stand after tonight with the "game," but I will see tomorrow.

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